"Mr Ruffner was awesome. My daughter learned a lot and enjoyed the experience."

Actual customer comments from 12/22/2015

"The instructor my daughter Madison had was very good. My daughter was very nervous and scared to take this test but the instructor was kind and helped her relax. Afterwards the instructor explained very clearly what she was marked off on and what to watch out for. Very good experience, will recommend to everyone! "

Actual customer comments from 8/29/2014

"I used right turn for my daughter but Stroia for my son. I like Stroia better"

Actual customer comments from 3/9/2017

"Great Job!"

Actual customer comments from 3/7/2016

"Staff helped me register my twins by phone; she was very helpful. I also asked an email question about the Drive Guru app to which I received an immediate response, answering my question. My girls enjoyed the training as well and are looking forward to the second session. Thank you!!"

Actual customer comments from 4/21/2015

"My instructor was very professional but personable at the same time.My experience exceeded my expectations! I recommend Stroia to anyone looking for a driving school. Thank you!"

Actual customer comments from 11/24/2014

"Nicholas enjoyed his teacher, Mr Swearengine (something like that). His mother states that when she tries to correct Nicholas his response is, "This is what my teacher told me to do. Nicholas appeared to have a good experience and is prepared with the basics as he prepares to gain more driving experience."

Actual customer comments from 1/16/2017

"My instructor was very nice and professional."

Actual customer comments from 7/21/2015

"Thank you for teaching our daughter level 1 driving. She is doing great at learning and understanding driving and it's consequences that come with the responsibility."

Actual customer comments from 4/9/2015

"Good experience."

Actual customer comments from 10/12/2016

"Staff was courteous and friendly"

Actual customer comments from 10/11/2016

"Examiner didn't arrive on time; i wish i could just pay the amount to the examiner and not online. Also call back your customer when leave a voice message, or either pick up the phone. Otherwise I had a wonderful experience, even though it was rather pricey but had a great experience."

Actual customer comments from 11/2/2015

"Fran was great! She had a very calming voice while giving direction, it made my daughter less tense about the test. I have seen reviews for other testing companies who have loud, aggressive testers. I am so glad I brought her to you business."

Actual customer comments from 9/16/2016

"I was a little late and the instructor was kind enough to still test me. I appreciated that so much. Thank you."

Actual customer comments from 4/4/2016

"I think the school is great, she did have a great experience in the school, my only concern is I don't think that 14-15 yr olds should have their permits (I know that has nothing to do with the school) just my personal opinion, but yes she did like the school and instructors!"

Actual customer comments from 1/26/2016

"Our tester was Fran. My son was very nervous to do the road test but she was very nice and personable which helped to put him at ease."

Actual customer comments from 4/22/2014

"I had a great experience taking my test at this school. It was snowing very rough the day I was supposed to take it, and the instructor was happy to reschedule for another day that would be easier and safer for driving after I told her I had not driven in the snow before. I would recommend this place to anyone."

Actual customer comments from 12/4/2014

"I was lucky to get Mr. Stroia for my driver instructor. He was extremely nice and helped me understand and me feel comfortable with my driving skills. The first time when I had my drivers test I had unfortunately failed but I had a different instructor the first time. I didn't take classes here so I really can't say anything about that but I am going to recommend people to go here for their driving test. My sister is actually going to go this driving school for drivers education."

Actual customer comments from 10/24/2015

"My other son starts on Monday."

Actual customer comments from 2/23/2016

"Painless. Well Done"

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