"Amazing instructor!!!"

Actual customer comments from 9/14/2017

"The lady I had as my instructor told me to go on the white line at a intersection even though I read that you should always be behind the white line. she told me that the intersection light has a sensor that will only change the light if your car is right up to the line. Long story short, she marked me down for not going up to the line even though the rule book states that you should be behind the white line not over. She also marked me down for turning at the flashing red light at the intersection even though traffic was clear. I read that at a flashing red light you could make the turn once it was safe to do so, you just had to stop beforehand. I feel that my test was wrongfully terminated. I hope to at least be able to retake the exam at a reduced price. I liked my first examiner at your school better."

Actual customer comments from 9/13/2017

"My examiner was very patient, kind, & respectful! Prior to my examination parallel parking was very difficult for me, after my examiner explained it, it became so much easier to understand. I now parallel park better than some of the 40 year olds I know! (:"

Actual customer comments from 2/23/2016

"I never interacted with the office staff but my friend stopped in and they answered her questions. They were very nice and informative she said. Thanks."

Actual customer comments from 8/25/2015

"Instructor was so nice and made me feel very comfortable, and considering how nervous I was that was a amazing feeling to have. She let me know ahead if time every turn I needed to do and where, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!"

Actual customer comments from 6/20/2016

"The Wyandotte office I called was very nice and informative of what was required of me."

Actual customer comments from 4/23/2017

"We have referred many."

Actual customer comments from 5/5/2015

"Very professional company. Very friendly experience. Highly recommend!"

Actual customer comments from 2/14/2017

"Since I called the office, practice,and test, whosoever, office staff, instructor, and examiner are all very nice. That was a excellent experience to me. Thanks for everyone! Wenjuan"

Actual customer comments from 10/21/2015

"I just wish my kid would’ve passed the test but overall she loved drivers ed and she loved her teacher."

Actual customer comments from 12/8/2017

"We have no complaints! It was a very smooth experience. Thank you!"

Actual customer comments from 10/1/2013


Actual customer comments from 2/2/2017

"Great experience"

Actual customer comments from 12/30/2016

"My son failed the first test. Instructor was very good at helping him learn where he needed to improve and was very good during the test giving him directions. Would come back again and will recommend Stroia for friends."

Actual customer comments from 2/9/2016

"With my son in sports they were very accomadating with the driving times. That helped a lot :)"

Actual customer comments from 9/30/2013

"Thank you for the great assistance!"

Actual customer comments from 1/12/2018

" We were very satisfied. Anthony was very nervous and she put him at ease. I appreciated having a place to wait out of the weather while they were gone. I have just gotten out of hospital after a month and a half with double pneumonia. Thank you for that courtesy. w"

Actual customer comments from 5/6/2015

"We had a unicorn of a test instructor! She was great!"

Actual customer comments from 10/13/2017

"The instructor angie was very nice and overall was a great instructor 👍"

Actual customer comments from 9/2/2015

"My son took his driving test on 10/12/17 in Melvidale, his instructor was Kate. She was absolutely fantastic. She was relaxed, helpful, friendly and patient. I will be recommending Stroia to his friends parents."

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