"Excellent Examiner!"

Actual customer comments from 5/10/2018

"I will definitely recommend your school and my younger child will go through your school. The instructor couldn't have been better. Very informative-"

Actual customer comments from 6/16/2017

"My son’s instructor (wish I could remember her name) was very pleasant and explained everything clearly. She made my son feel very comfortable during his driving test. I will recommend Stroia to my friends."

Actual customer comments from 3/16/2018

"Everyone was friendly and helpful with the registration process and the grouping of students in the class. My daughter enjoyed the instructor and felt very comfortable with him."

Actual customer comments from 12/8/2018

"You all do a fine job of preparing teenagers for driving. Thank you!"

Actual customer comments from 8/22/2016

"My overall experience with Stroia was excellent. Easy online registration and my instructor was excellent and very professional. Who recommended Stroia Driving School to anyone."

Actual customer comments from 12/13/2018

"I did not get a warm or welcoming feeling when working with your instructors. also, we had a failure of the first exam which was understandable but we were told the retest would be $35 but was actually the full $50 again. Fran was great, but the first instructor was not friendly or helpful."

Actual customer comments from 10/13/2015

"The Secretary of the Office is the best in making Your experience with bringing Your Child in to get their Licence and always willing to help out with any questions...This is my Second Child going through the School and I'm always happy when I come in and see Her ..Thank You."

Actual customer comments from 8/18/2017

"Very patient and thourough instructor! Would highly recommend Stroia"

Actual customer comments from 10/26/2015


Actual customer comments from 6/25/2017

"Great instructor explained everything clearly and made the test very understanding."

Actual customer comments from 10/1/2017

"Mr.Ruffner was absolutely great. I learned more with him than I did in segment one. He's very polite and knowledgable about driving. He helped me with being nervous on the road and now I'm not anymore. He's a great teacher :)."

Actual customer comments from 12/23/2016

"great experiance"

Actual customer comments from 5/8/2014

"I can't remember the examiner's name, but the Examiner No. is 5870. She tested three of my five children and they all passed. She is very patient and thoroughly explains what she expects of you. I'm glad to have met her."

Actual customer comments from 4/4/2016

"It was a little confusing when we got there on where to go. In the paperwork you send, you should tell people to go look for the instructors sitting in the cars. Other than that the sign up was easy & the instructor was very nice."

Actual customer comments from 2/3/2015

"This is the second child I’ve had take the driving test through Stroia. The first one was at the Taylor location and this past one was at the Melvindale location. I was extremely pleased with the instructors at both locations! I have and will continue to highly recommend this school. Thank you"

Actual customer comments from 7/31/2018

"Thank you for the great assistance!"

Actual customer comments from 1/12/2018

"Made our grandson feel at ease."

Actual customer comments from 11/9/2015

"My instructor was very polite and kind person, she tried to correct me every time I did something wrong. The lady in office also very polite and helpful. I had a problem with my appointment, so I called to office and she easy rescheduled my test.This is a great driving school. I recommend it to anyone."

Actual customer comments from 5/29/2015

"Keep up the good work and stay positive to all the students that attent driving school. Here in Wyandotte Michigan.Our son doing good and he is going in to secomat Two driving class and we are very please. Thank you for taking your time.and showing all the new driver's that are teenager how to be safe on the roads and to recpect other driver's on the road. God Bless the staff.From:Helfrich Family."

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