"I'm so thankful for the easy and convenient way I was able to take my drive's test,the instructor was so easy to understand and friendly! I highly recommend your service's!"

Actual customer comments from 5/22/2018

"Ron is the greatest"

Actual customer comments from 4/18/2017

"Everyone at Stroia was great. Three of my children have taken their road tests with Stroia and we have been very happy with the service each time. The road test instructor is excellent. I would recommend this place to everyone."

Actual customer comments from 3/25/2015

"Very accommodating and so nice!!!! Thank you"

Actual customer comments from 12/8/2014

"The instructor was fantastic! There are many horror stories out there about intimidating instructors and my son's instructor couldn't have been warmer kinder and more encouraging. It made his experience memorable and positive."

Actual customer comments from 1/22/2019

"Kelly, from your Melvindale location, was absolutely wonderful! My daughter failed the parking test. This, of course, devastated her. Kelly took a few minutes, spoke to her very kindly offering advice and words of encouragement. Two days later, my daughter retested with zero points off the parking portion and was able to get her license on her birthday like she’s been planning to do all year. Kelly has a great talent in relating to teenagers and I am so thankful my daughter had the opportunity to test with her. I really don’t think too many people would’ve been able to boost my daughter’s confidence like she was able to. Thank you!!!"

Actual customer comments from 8/9/2018

"Mr. Ruffner was my teacher, and I think he was great."

Actual customer comments from 11/1/2018

"The whole experience was good. From the initial classroom experience, all the way through to the driving test was very easy going and pleasant. No stress whatsoever. The instructors were very good, capable and kind. Highly recommend."

Actual customer comments from 11/7/2018

"I had two young adults take the training and they both had a very good experience. I registered via Web, but also called and emailed due to making a change and received quick responses each time."

Actual customer comments from 3/16/2017

"Mr.Ruffner was absolutely great. I learned more with him than I did in segment one. He's very polite and knowledgable about driving. He helped me with being nervous on the road and now I'm not anymore. He's a great teacher :)."

Actual customer comments from 12/23/2016

"The instructor was great! She made my son feel really comfortable during the test! She gave clear instructions during the road test."

Actual customer comments from 12/12/2018

"I had a great experience with Stroia, and I will recommend them to anyone who still needs to take their road test!"

Actual customer comments from 11/7/2016

"This is our 3rd child that has taken the skills and road test thru Storia. All good comments "

Actual customer comments from 1/26/2018

"I wish the website will tell you how long each classes like how many weeks ."

Actual customer comments from 7/31/2017

"Thank you for the great assistance!"

Actual customer comments from 1/12/2018

"Both classroom and driving instructor was awesome!!"

Actual customer comments from 6/9/2018

"My daughter's examiner was wonderful. She had a very calming nature which kept her at ease throughout the test. Please tell Katie thank you"

Actual customer comments from 3/27/2018

"The instructor Craig, was great. He made my daughter feel very comfortable and at ease by explaining everything she would be doing."

Actual customer comments from 5/2/2018

"The instructor was nice and showed concerned while conducting test..I appreciate the support from the staff."

Actual customer comments from 11/11/2014

"Very professional service provided, I would recommend to anyone looking for a driving test."

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