"Very pleased with experience. Mrs. Clark is an excellent instructor who takes her job seriously and takes pride in what she does. Would recommend to my friends. We will be back Thank you"

Actual customer comments from 4/14/2018

"The examiner was very relaxed with my daughter and put her at ease. He was efficient and explained every part of the test and any corrections she will need to make in the future."

Actual customer comments from 5/4/2017

"The road tester was wonderful, cheerful, and had a positive attitude toward my son. Loved him! I'm thankful that those are the type of people you hire !"

Actual customer comments from 7/23/2019

"Katie was very kind and made me feel less nervous."

Actual customer comments from 12/13/2018

"I was a little disappointed that I didn't receive a conformation email with the details of my appointment. The instructor was very professional with good communication skills."

Actual customer comments from 5/24/2016

"Very simple, the 4 cylinder they provided me with made it easier considering that I was practicing in a Hemi V8"

Actual customer comments from 6/20/2016

"Instructor was so nice and made me feel very comfortable, and considering how nervous I was that was a amazing feeling to have. She let me know ahead if time every turn I needed to do and where, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!"

Actual customer comments from 6/20/2016

"I was extremely anxious at the start of my test, throughout the course my examiner was social and happy so I was able to adapt fast!"

Actual customer comments from 8/22/2018

"Professional and thorough. I felt confident about leaving my son with the driving instructor."

Actual customer comments from 7/21/2015

"Nothing negative to say, my experience was perfect and the instructor made me feel confident and comfortable!"

Actual customer comments from 10/9/2018

"Always have good experience with Stroia...my son went here and now my daughter."

Actual customer comments from 6/29/2019

"Fran gave clear directions through out the test. She also gave good clear feedback at the end of the test. She was extremely patient as I located our insurance information."

Actual customer comments from 11/1/2018

"My son enjoyed his time there. The only thing I would suggest is to have set driving times scheduled before hand. There were too many time changes to accommodate the other kids that were in sports or other school events. I felt if those kids couldn't commit than they should of waited to take driver training and come back when they were available and could commit like my child."

Actual customer comments from 6/9/2013

"The instructor angie was very nice and overall was a great instructor 👍"

Actual customer comments from 9/2/2015

"Everything was very good. I will recommend this place to people I know that need to take a road test."

Actual customer comments from 6/13/2013

"I highly recommended stroia school of driving if your looking to take your road test. I was a nervous wreck the day of my road test since it was raining that day and i really wanted to pass.(who doesn't) The examiner Fran was very professional and made it clear for what she wanted me to do. She went by exactly how they teach in drivers education and the road test study guide issued by the Secretary of state. So nothing came as a suprise. At the end of the road test she told exactly what i did right and wrong in a very respectable manner. Overall great experience and happy to have my license."

Actual customer comments from 8/15/2016

"The instructor I had was so nice and understanding. I must admit that I wish I could meet more people like her in my job then I would not be so stressed out all the time. Thank you for helping me to complete the process of the SOS."

Actual customer comments from 8/19/2014

"Stroia is also where I had my drivers ed classes and I had a great experience over all, and my test examiner couldn't have been nicer and I'm glad I got to know her even though our time was short"

Actual customer comments from 3/16/2018

"I really love how kind and understanding my instructor and examiner were."

Actual customer comments from 6/24/2018

"Katie was excellent and very kind, and helped make the situation much less nerve-wracking"

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