"Fran did a good job testing my daughter. The instructions were clear and she really knows the road Condition i.e. which on coming road lane is close or open. Safety was the priority. Fran is an awesome examiner and I am glad my daughter had her. Keep up the good work! "

Actual customer comments from 3/10/2018

"Very pleased with my experience , learned things I didn't know"

Actual customer comments from 11/10/2016

"The instructor I had was awesome. Gave great directions at the right times my experience with your company was great."

Actual customer comments from 7/27/2014

"The ability to sign up and pay online is extremely convienient and worked great. Fran was our examiner and I felt she did a great job of performing the assessment while keeping the driver calm and focused. I will definitely use your service for my other two daughters when they come of age."

Actual customer comments from 7/1/2018

"A very comfortable and stress free experience."

Actual customer comments from 5/20/2017

"It wasn't conveyed online that there would be weekend driving times. The instructor was a bit flexible so that was a appreciated, it would have been good to be aware of the extra driving time. Thank you"

Actual customer comments from 7/21/2017

"The Instructors were very nice and helpful. I will recommend this business."

Actual customer comments from 10/27/2015

"I would use the company and tell everybody that needs to take a driving test all about you and in driving instructor was very nice polite and very well business I do appreciate it and you guys are very good to my daughter the lady was very kind and very willing to work with her and educator on a lot of things that she needed I do appreciate it and thank you very much"

Actual customer comments from 12/1/2017

"The examiner was friendly and professional. He explained everything that was expected of my son in detail and made it so my son wasn't so nervous."

Actual customer comments from 10/4/2016

"You guys made the experience really simple and convenient. I liked the fact that I could register online without any problems. The examiner was courtesy, and nice. And she offered constructive criticism at the end of the test. I would recommend this business to anyone looking to take their road test."

Actual customer comments from 12/28/2015

"Awesome people running the school my son loved it thanks again"

Actual customer comments from 4/14/2018

"I was really impressed with the instructors honesty my son lost $20 once when he was driving and the instructor called us to make sure he got them back"

Actual customer comments from 2/4/2018

"It was awesome"

Actual customer comments from 1/19/2018

"Very professional service provided, I would recommend to anyone looking for a driving test."

Actual customer comments from 3/10/2014

"I am very happy with your performance as a company. Thank you for keeping my daughter safe along with perviding her with safety first mentality. T. Mosley."

Actual customer comments from 2/3/2014

"I truly regret I can remember the Examiner's name - my son's test was 3-6-18 at 3:15 pm. She was wonderful - helped him relax and gave him great feed back after the test. I regret now not using Storia for his instruction. I will be enrolling my younger son with Storia for driver ed."

Actual customer comments from 3/7/2018

"Professional and thorough. I felt confident about leaving my son with the driving instructor."

Actual customer comments from 7/21/2015

"I wish the website will tell you how long each classes like how many weeks ."

Actual customer comments from 7/31/2017

"Thank you for being so kind, and helpful."

Actual customer comments from 5/31/2018

"The instructor was vet pleant and infromative and made our daughter feel very comfortable whule driving, we would recommend storia to our freinds and family"

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