"Storia Driving School was very good, professional, and thorough. We were recommended by a member of our church for my grandson to take his road test. Initially we registered on-line, and had to change his appointment twice due to a conflict in our scheduling. In both matters the staff was efficient and accommodating. We will be registering my granddaughter soon for classes. Thank you Storia Driving School."

Actual customer comments from 1/8/2019

"Craig is very friendly social and outgoing, I can tell he takes pride in his job and cares immensely about the safety of every new driver."

Actual customer comments from 1/23/2018

"The instructor was vet pleant and infromative and made our daughter feel very comfortable whule driving, we would recommend storia to our freinds and family"

Actual customer comments from 5/3/2018

"My son took the driving test and I couldn't be more pleased about his instructor. I do not remember his name but I think it began with a "C". His examiner number is 5035. He was very nice and personable. My son felt very comfortable with him. He definitely made our day less stressful.I cannot thank him enough. 😊"

Actual customer comments from 10/4/2019

"What a smooth, quick experience! Signed up online on Monday, scheduled for Wednesday. Instructor was professional and friendly."

Actual customer comments from 4/26/2018

"Learned alot had fun"

Actual customer comments from 4/26/2019

"Everything was great"

Actual customer comments from 9/13/2018

"Loved our tester! He was kind fair and gave constructive criticism to my daughter. To be honest it was exactly what I’ve been telling my daughter. Thank you for making this a positive experience!"

Actual customer comments from 6/29/2019

"Well at first the lady seemed a lil mean but I just figured she was doing her job. She passed so I had a good experience."

Actual customer comments from 2/14/2017

"The lady that was my instructor in Melvindale was really nice and calming. She greeted me with kindness and ended the test with good pointers that will help me in the future. Thank you!"

Actual customer comments from 8/2/2018

"Fran was fantastic!!"

Actual customer comments from 12/23/2017

"My instructor was Katie, and she was absolutely amazing. It was like driving with my best friend. She was so calm, helped me calm down a lot. I highly recommend her. Stroia overall was great."

Actual customer comments from 4/24/2019

"very friendly instructor that got right to the point and helped ease my son's nerves a bit"

Actual customer comments from 6/22/2016

"Katie was my daughters driving instructor. She was very nice. My daughter failed her first attempt at parking and Katie was very sympathetic and gave her tips on what to do to pass the next time. We went back the next day and my daughter passed with flying colors Katie was very complementary and really helped put my daughter at ease. I just thought you should know that Katie was great and she is really good at her job. Thank you and we would recommend Katie."

Actual customer comments from 7/27/2018

"First experience with Stroia Driving School. Will definitely send my younger son through the program in 2 years."

Actual customer comments from 4/23/2018

"Very simple, the 4 cylinder they provided me with made it easier considering that I was practicing in a Hemi V8"

Actual customer comments from 6/20/2016

"T love this place this is my 2nd child here but I didn't like the fact that the instructor called late night on a Saturday night to schedule for a Sunday to go drive. I feel like that was a issue cause it was the weekend and he didn't know what my plans were for me or my family and that should've been directed to the parent not the child other than that no problems."

Actual customer comments from 7/13/2017

"The instructor was very nice and respectful"

Actual customer comments from 6/17/2017

"The examiner was courteous and polite."

Actual customer comments from 9/20/2019

"Thank you!"

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