Customer Comments

"Instructions were easy to follow and the instructor was nice and patient and overall was a good to experience."

Comments from 9/28/2023

"Super glad I choose Stoia!"

Comments from 9/28/2023

"Very Professional"

Comments from 9/27/2023

"Maria was an excellent examiner. She made my daughter feel comfortable throughout her driving exam. Explained everything very well and went through her faults and good points at the end of her test."

Comments from 9/24/2023

"I loved how they took their time with my daughter and explained what she needs to work on and what she did good on. The lady made her feel so comfortable and was so nice."

Comments from 9/24/2023

"Examiner did a fantastic job."

Comments from 9/22/2023

"My daughter’s appointment for her road test needed to be rescheduled from the original date and was done very easily by your staff. I appreciate the level of communication that you provide through emails."

Comments from 8/12/2023

"Had the same instructor for all 3 of my new drivers and they had nothing but good things to say about her "

Comments from 8/8/2023

"Made it easy to calm down I was nervous. Great job. Would highly recommend this school."

Comments from 8/7/2023

"The gentleman who conducted the driving test for my son and previously for my daughter did his very best to put them at ease and also take the time to instruct them in areas they were sufficient in but still could improve. It was obvious he cares for the young new drivers. I have and will still recommend Stroia to anyone.-Tel Bushong"

Comments from 7/29/2023

"Instructor was very helpful and polite , explained in detail to my son what was every next step . Was patient with my son . Driving schools need more instructors like him ."

Comments from 7/21/2023

"The examiner Bob was very nice. He also gave good tips to my son after the road test was complete."

Comments from 7/19/2023

"My son failed his test the first time around and Maria offered to retest him outside of her normal schedule (at 7am) a few days later so that he wouldn't have to wait several weeks. This meant so much to him (and me) and we are so appreciative of her kindness :) Thank you Maria!"

Comments from 7/19/2023

"Had a stapled packet, was told they didn't need it and immediately gave it back to my husband. Then asked for Segment 2 proof. She was sort of impatient about it. It was the last pg of the three page packet that was given back. My husband called me all upset when what they were looking for was right there. Someone just had to look a little bit more for it. Maybe take time to go through all the pages that someone gives you before giving it back to say that is not what I am looking for. Otherwise had a great experience. The instructor was very nice and helpful in their comments during the road test."

Comments from 7/19/2023

"Our examiner was very professional and put our young new driver at ease for her test. She gave great feedback on our daughters preparation for the test and could tell she worked hard to do a good job. Finally, she gave future feedback on things to look out for and work on to make our driver into a great driver. Thank you."

Comments from 7/19/2023

"My daughter was really nervous before the test. Her examiner was very positive and encouraging."

Comments from 7/17/2023

"Very professional"

Comments from 7/4/2023

"The examiner was great from start to finish. He explained everything that went wrong during testing in detail, we didn’t feel rushed when asking questions. I’m completely satisfied with the service that was provided."

Comments from 6/28/2023

"Bob is an Awesome instructor!!"

Comments from 6/22/2023

"Keep up the good work."

Comments from 6/12/2023

"The kindness of the instructor was great."

Comments from 6/2/2023

"Initially called the office w/questions about getting my daughter’s road test set up and got great info.+ was told I could set everything up online when we were ready. Web site was super easy to use, instructor was thorough+ helpful during the test. A++++ all the way around!"

Comments from 6/1/2023

"Took my road test with Bob yesterday. I was super nervous as it has been 20 years since I've had my license. He was great and even took the time to explain a few things to make me an even better driver. Thank you, Bob! Will definitely recommend Stroia."

Comments from 5/24/2023

"The instructor was great. He made my sin feel comfortable. At the end of the test he explained a coyote things and the rationale as to why. I thought he did an awesome job."

Comments from 5/23/2023

"Ms. Fran was very patient and informative."

Comments from 5/20/2023

"The process was very easy. Our instructor was amazing. I would definitely recommend!"

Comments from 5/7/2023

"Instructors were informative and fair. My child has to re test due to parking lot problems and his instructor explained why he struggled and gave great tips for re testing. Instructors care about their studenamd it’s clear it’s not just a job to them, they truly care."

Comments from 4/30/2023

"I really appreciated how the evaluator was positive with my child but then also provided constructive criticism/things to keep working on after the road test."

Comments from 4/23/2023

"The instructor who gave the test was great and patient. She gave lots of tips for being a safe driver. Would highly recommend to family and friends."

Comments from 4/21/2023

"My daughter was extremely nervous, and that examined her noticed. He took the time to put her at ease, which I appreciated."

Comments from 4/21/2023

"The staff was awesome and I felt very comfortable with the whole experience"

Comments from 4/16/2023

"Tim did a fantastic job on my sons final driving test. Very thorough and he took time to explain things in detail."

Comments from 4/16/2023

"Instructor was very nice. My daughter said she felt more comfortable after meeting him. She was a nervous reck when we arrived. His instructions were clear. I would definitely recommend."

Comments from 4/5/2023

"Loved registering online. The test examiner was excellent. Friendly yet professional. Gave easy to understand instructions and feedback. Would definitely recommend to others."

Comments from 3/31/2023

"My instructor really made me feel confident and comfortable! I felt nervous but she eased my worries! She was really great! Storia school of driving was definitely a better experience than my last two driving schools I’ve tried. You guys rock! Thank you so much again!"

Comments from 3/31/2023

"They were very friendly and all of my questions."

Comments from 3/29/2023

"Bob was great, he made my nervous child feel a little less nervous. Bob also offered some really great tips after the session was over which we really appreciate. Bob is held in really high regard by other previous students that are friends of my child in school."

Comments from 3/24/2023

"A very firm and caring examiner"

Comments from 3/4/2023

"Thank you!"

Comments from 3/2/2023

"The test was easy, and the instructor was very nice, she helped me stay calm and was very helpful as well. I’m glad I took my test here."

Comments from 2/26/2023

"Fran was great and very professional. Second time my kids have been thru Stroia and I’ve already recommended them to two friends :)"

Comments from 2/21/2023

"She was a very nice lady very cheerful upbeat professional"

Comments from 2/13/2023

"Great experience with the Examiner Maria very friendly and patient"

Comments from 2/12/2023

"even though we had to reschedule twice for the driving test it wasn't a major inconvenience. We have used Stroia for all 4 of our kids and the service has been good."

Comments from 2/12/2023


Comments from 2/4/2023

"My son enjoyed the program and said all the instructors, in-class and driving, were easy to work with and very helpful. Thank you for offering your program here in Alpena."

Comments from 2/3/2023

"This is our third time with Stroia Driving School. We highly recommend your company to all of our friends. Bob is an amazing instructor who offers great feedback with patience and professionalism."

Comments from 1/31/2023

"Tim was superb."

Comments from 1/26/2023

"The instructer was great and made me feel comfortable and the experience was very nice and comfortable and I would highly recommend it"

Comments from 1/17/2023

"Maria was excellent, kind and patient. We had a great experience."

Comments from 1/9/2023

"The examiner was so nice and made me so relaxed."

Comments from 1/7/2023

"Best driving instructor I’ve had so far"

Comments from 1/4/2023

"I’m gonna be honest. I was so nervous getting ready for the road test. The instructor was very helpful, kind, and made me feel comfortable while I was driving and doing my test. I would highly recommend the Taylor mi location."

Comments from 1/2/2023

"Very friendly staff that made a nervous situation a bit more comfortable for my teen. Thanks"

Comments from 12/29/2022

"Mary, my instructor, was very nice."

Comments from 12/29/2022

"The staff was helpful and when we missed our first driving test because my son was sick the called so we could reschedule, which I really appreciate. Wonderful staff, and very helpful!"

Comments from 12/28/2022

"Quick and easily done. I highly recommend."

Comments from 12/28/2022

"Bob was great. I also loved the convenience on being able to schedule online."

Comments from 12/27/2022

"Thank you for your patience with my English"

Comments from 12/22/2022

"I was really so terrified and nervous even though I'd practiced. My examiner was so patient and kind, it really helped to calm me down."

Comments from 12/18/2022

"The reminder email I received a day or two before the driving test, stating what I needed to bring, went to my junk email. We forgot the segment 2 paperwork, which is our fault, but we were able to get a picture texted. If you can find a way to send the reminder as a text, that would be very helpful. Thank You for everything."

Comments from 12/17/2022

"Tim was a very patient & kind knowledgeable instructor."

Comments from 12/9/2022

"Great people at stroia"

Comments from 11/27/2022

"Maria did a great job of explaining some of the finer details when driving. Very positive in her approach. Made things relaxing and instilled confidence. Highly recommend your school and Maria."

Comments from 11/24/2022

"Fran is wonderful. An asset to your company!!"

Comments from 11/20/2022

"My instructor Mr Bob was awesome. I was at ease driving with him and he made me feel confident and gave instructions well. Thank you."

Comments from 11/17/2022

"Best staff I've ever had to talk to"

Comments from 11/13/2022

"Felicito Al instructor de manejo, ya que cuenta con todas las herramientas como conocimiento, pedagogía, experiencia y metodología para transmitir lo requerido, muchas gracias ya los recomendé con mis amistades"

Comments from 11/10/2022

"My sin really liked Mr. Ruffner for the classes. Ms. G was awesome with us for the road test. We will be back this summer with my daughter."

Comments from 11/9/2022

"my driving instructor was so nice & made me feel comfortable while testing"

Comments from 11/4/2022

"This is the raise family and this is my second child that went to this driving school and both experiences were amazing my 16 year old at the time which is now just turning 18 as a perfect driver and now my 15-year-old which will be 16 in January just completed his driving from this program, both experiences where amazing and the instructors were amazing as well. Thank you very much I would recommend highly."

Comments from 10/28/2022

"Tim the examiner was AMAZING. Very accommodating and quite thorough. Highly recommend him"

Comments from 10/28/2022

"The driving examiner was excellent! She was very clear on instructions and made my daughter feel comfortable with the process."

Comments from 10/26/2022

"Very patient, polite, and knowledgeable instructor. Our child did pass, and the instructor still took the time to explain where improvement is needed. Your child is not given a grade and then dismissed; they are they to help them pass and be safe drivers."

Comments from 10/23/2022

"The instructor was great! She gave my daughter constructive feedback."

Comments from 10/23/2022

"Very nice instructor I feels great been there good vibes, very profesional and mature"

Comments from 10/18/2022

"Very Professional,Trustworthy"

Comments from 10/12/2022

"Maria was wonderful to work with. Very calm and reassuring; helpful and constructive in her comments to my daughter after she did her road test. Also I never talked to anyone in the office. You should have an NA option for that question so I don't have to randomly pick "average"."

Comments from 10/9/2022

"The Staf was great friendly did a great job"

Comments from 10/6/2022

"The instructor was excellent. She explained everything in a calm manner. She made the experience less stressful while maintaining her professionalism."

Comments from 10/1/2022

"My daughter said that Mrs. Henry was an amazing teacher. The experience was great. Tim was her driving test teacher and he was patient, kind and a great tester. We look forward to my younger daughter taking her driving instruction from Stroria."

Comments from 9/30/2022

"Daughter did not pass driving test but examiner did very good job of explaining why and took the time to explain what she needed to improve on. Great job og working to ensure young people have the knowledge and skills needed to become safe independent drivers."

Comments from 9/30/2022

"Very nice and professional staff. It was a pleasurable experience. My daughter was very comfortable with the instructor. Thank you"

Comments from 9/29/2022

"Bob was great!!"

Comments from 9/28/2022

"Thanks for everything. Reschedule went well everything was good"

Comments from 9/27/2022

"Very pleasant and professional"

Comments from 9/23/2022

"My son has failed twice with Bob. He takes the test again Tuesday. Bob is really nice just doing his job. I hope he passes next time."

Comments from 9/16/2022

"Lady answering main phone wasn't very polite"

Comments from 8/30/2022

"Driving instructor was really chill and nice great place to take the road test"

Comments from 8/23/2022

"Bob was great, he managed to be constructive while still making my daughter feel comfortable during the road test."

Comments from 8/18/2022

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with my daughter. She gave her great safety tips for when she drives on her own."

Comments from 8/14/2022

"The test instructor was informative and put my daughter at ease before testing and she explained all the expectations for passing. I already recommended you to one of my friends."

Comments from 8/5/2022

"This was our second time using Stroia for our children. Marie was my son's examiner for his road test and she was awesome with him. She was very nice and explained everything to him and told him what he needs to continue working on. Highly recommend Stroia to anyone who is looking to get their driver's license."

Comments from 8/3/2022

"Mr. Ruffner is an excellent instructor, don't ever let him get away! Bob was great. My daughter had great training at Stroia. "

Comments from 7/29/2022

"Driving instructor was amazing with my son. She was very nice and talked to him while he was driving to help keep him calm. Very nice and definitely would recommend this driving school to others."

Comments from 7/27/2022

"The girl in the office was very helpful."

Comments from 7/19/2022

"Instructor was very patient & that eased my anxiety a lot"

Comments from 7/19/2022

"Tim was an amazing instructor. He understood about my anxiety, and was very caring. would recommend him for everyone i know."

Comments from 7/15/2022

"Tim was absolutely amazing with my son. It was a wonderful experience all the way around."

Comments from 7/7/2022

"From scheduling last minute to road test, Everyone was amazing! Loved road test, she was calm and great! Provided my 16 year old tips and constructive criticism at end that as a mom really appreciated because kids take those things better from strangers than their mom. She was the best! When I scheduled last minute near closing time, staff were friendly and great. Usually at end of day folks just want to go home, she actually went out of her way to get us scheduled for next day…..thank you! Your employees made a great experience!"

Comments from 6/30/2022

"Entire process went smooth. It was a few bad reviews but our experience was contrary to the bad reviews. We have already referred friends of ours here."

Comments from 6/28/2022

"Bob was excellent. He was extremely fair which is all you can ask for."

Comments from 6/28/2022

"My instructor was very pleasant and helpful."

Comments from 6/26/2022

"Love that the instructor provides positive feedback and helpful instruction throughout the process. Very satisfied with this program."

Comments from 6/24/2022

"Mr.Kristy was great."

Comments from 6/22/2022

"The instructors were professional and made the testing less stressful."

Comments from 6/22/2022

"Instructor was excellent, and made my son feel comfortable for the road test. Overall great experience."

Comments from 6/22/2022

"Driving instructor did a nice job. Thank you"

Comments from 6/15/2022

"Very friendly, helpful. Great easy process for a first time driver."

Comments from 6/12/2022

"My instructor made it easy. Admittedly, I made a few more mistakes than I anticipated once he broke down my score but I honestly didnt know certain things. So I apologize for that, but I am thankful to get the knowledge."

Comments from 6/12/2022

"The instructor Fran was very nice and friendly. My son was nervous about his test, but she helped him calm down."

Comments from 5/28/2022

"I passed my road test. I was nervous cus it’s my first time for the test. But the lady was so sweet and nice. I’m deaf and she was great with communication while we take the road test’ and thank you !!!"

Comments from 5/27/2022

"Fran was so great! My son was extremely nervous and she made sure to reassure him everything was going to be okay! Fran made his test very comfortable. Great experience!!"

Comments from 5/27/2022

"Only dislike was not being able to reach business before noon"

Comments from 5/20/2022

"Excellent ."

Comments from 5/3/2022

"Fran did a great job at guiding my daughter through the driving test and explaining different situations to her during the process. Will use Stroia for my son also. Thanks for being available"

Comments from 5/3/2022

"Office Staff was helpful and examiner was very thorough and kind."

Comments from 5/2/2022

"Great customer service, helpful, kind… the instructor was wonderful. Thank you !!!!"

Comments from 4/29/2022

"I was able to start my test early with me arriving early. I got good feedback from the instructor afterwards and great conversation. I will recommend to family and friends."

Comments from 4/19/2022

"Your Driving school is well run and very professional."

Comments from 4/15/2022

"The best service in Downriver.."

Comments from 3/30/2022

"My instructor Frances was excellent. She was friendly, professional and made me feel at ease as I was taking my test. Send"

Comments from 3/24/2022

"You have the best instructors and trainers"

Comments from 3/23/2022

"The best place for taking the road test. My son failed 2 times because he was so nervous. He got the gentleman we forgot to get his name, hear & he made him feel so relaxed that he was able to finally pass. Thank you storia we'll be seeing you again soon I have 2 more ready for road test soon."

Comments from 3/22/2022

"Bob was very and made me feel not stressed out driving!"

Comments from 3/13/2022

"Tim did a wonderful job. Very understanding, patient,accommodating and thorough."

Comments from 3/2/2022

"My son received good instruction on Segment 1 and 2 and his driving test was also well done. I thought the cost was reasonable also"

Comments from 2/28/2022

"My first instructor I had was Mr Not my favorite..I then told them to put me back into the pot after trying to get a hold of him for weeks that turned into months..they gave me Mrs Christine who is amazing makes you feel amazing when you doubt yourself. If it wasn't for her and my mom keeping me positive I wouldnt of drove my car at all.. I Thank you Mrs Christine and also thank the road test instructor as well."

Comments from 2/27/2022

"Great patience with young drivers and the testing associate. Very willing to teach outside the book."

Comments from 2/27/2022

"Daniel said he just a little nervous and the instructor kept a dialogue with him that made him feel at ease- he is one happy young man and quite proud! Thanks so much and blessings to all! Dawna"

Comments from 2/25/2022

"Both my boys took their road test this past Saturday. We really had a great experience with Fran. I feel she was great with Trent and Trevor"

Comments from 2/23/2022

"As I stated in my previous review, I didn't get her name. But very friendly. My daughter also tested with her today. She passed, & oh boy did the twin rivalry set in fast.kyle had parking down pat, & ashlie couldn't get parallel parking to save her live. But today she finally did it. Great service I will be sending all the friends your way. Thank you"

Comments from 2/17/2022

"I didn't get her name, but I thought she was very kind & patient. My son tested with her he failed. I kinda knew that he would, he wasn't in the car he's used to. She even had me get back in to explain why he failed & what he needs to do. Mainly everything mamma's been saying. Lol especially him sitting up way to close to the dash. His biggest problem. Thanks we will be calling soon to schedule his retesting in the car he is used to."

Comments from 2/17/2022

"The road test instructor was excellent treated us with the upmost respect, spoke very clearly explained everything that needed to be done, during the road test spoke to my son very clearly explaining everything he wanted him to do. At the end of the Road test he gave my son some additional pointers while driving, this instructor made the road test experience completely comfortable. Thank you very much for the great experience."

Comments from 2/16/2022

"Great people,very professional,I would recommend my friends to storiaschoolofdriving"

Comments from 2/9/2022

"Will choose Stroia again next driver!"

Comments from 1/31/2022

"Other then the wait time to actually take the class & set up road test everything was great."

Comments from 1/30/2022

"The instructor did a great job with my child. I am concerned that this service, which is mainly for teenagers, has so few times available outside of the school and work day."

Comments from 1/27/2022

"This is my 3rd child that has passed a driving test through your school, 1 left and he will be using your business also."

Comments from 1/19/2022

"Fran did an excellent job and was very professional, You could tell she was committed to making sure she was putting a safe and educated driver on the road."

Comments from 1/16/2022

"One addition to the website that would be helpful is a calculator to assist in picking a testing date to help ensure a test is not scheduled earlier than it should have been. I scheduled a drivers test 183 days after the issuance of the permit, but the SOS date was 5 days later."

Comments from 12/24/2021

"Great instructor! Explained everything well and had patience."

Comments from 12/21/2021

"The driving test and instructor was straight forward. Everything was timely and efficient."

Comments from 12/18/2021

"Please include in the confirmation email reminders of what to bring to the test (for parents and guardians).... proof of insurance, registration, etc. Driving instructor was firm but friendly. Great experience."

Comments from 12/10/2021

"Very well explained instructions by instructors no second guessing very clear on all their directions."

Comments from 12/5/2021

"Fran was great!"

Comments from 12/2/2021

"Gave great advice"

Comments from 11/24/2021

"It was freezing outside when I took my son for his test. The instructor allowed me to sit in the student driver car until they got back from the road test (as he was 18 and I wasn’t allowed to be in the vehicle). I thought that was above what was expected of him to do for me. He could’ve told me ‘not my problem’ and let me freeze. He was nice to my son- didn’t scold but talked calmly he said. Very personable. Thank you again!"

Comments from 11/21/2021

"We absolutely loved our examiner Tim. What a kind and seasoned professional."

Comments from 11/14/2021

"I love that the instructor provided feedback on what was done well and what can be improved. Very personable"

Comments from 11/11/2021

"Yesterday I took my test Taylor .I was very nervous though I practiced well both parking and on road.The examiner was very cool and friendly He is professional..During the test I was asked to relax and given clear instructions. Unfortunately I failed due to some mistakes I committed while driving on road. The examiner told about the mistakes that I made and advised to do more practice .Though I failed I definitely recommend Stroia school of driving for driving test center"

Comments from 11/10/2021

"The test instructor was wonderful, personable, amd professional. He explained everything beforehand and everything my son did wrong so he could understand and without judgment. He made the test process smooth. He put everyone at ease. I would give 5 stars and recommend to everyone."

Comments from 11/8/2021

"Instructor was very good"

Comments from 11/7/2021

"Tim was very pleasant, calm, and patient."

Comments from 10/29/2021

"This is a really good driving school I recommend people too go here the people there are very patient kind and understandable my examiner was very nice and calm with me overall everything went great."

Comments from 10/28/2021

"My instructor was the best. He explained the things I did wrong and complimented me on things I did correctly. He was very fair and very personable. I would recommend this school to everyone."

Comments from 10/27/2021

"I really like our instructor, she was patient and kind. Great woman to have to ensure the safety and correct driving skills."

Comments from 10/27/2021

"My instructor was great. He was clear with instructions and requirements he was looking for. I would recommend Stroia to anyone in need of driving tests or class time."

Comments from 10/27/2021

"The final examiner was soothing, calm, personable and a great asset to your business!"

Comments from 10/24/2021

"Fran is awesome 🤩"

Comments from 10/22/2021

"The supervisor and the instructor very professional and nice to work with"

Comments from 10/22/2021

"My instructor was so kind, which really helped!!"

Comments from 10/21/2021

"Bob was very professional, explained everything to our daughter and me clearly, and conducted the entire testing experience in accordance with the State of Michigan booklet standards. We chose Stroia because of a recommendation, and we will certainly recommend Stroia to others. Thank you."

Comments from 10/19/2021

"Very professional and kind! Made a great experience for a young adult reaching a new milestone. Thank you!"

Comments from 10/17/2021

"The examiner made all the difference for me. When it's time to have my children take their road test we will be calling Stroia!"

Comments from 10/15/2021

"Our examiner was kind and made my son less nervous. He gave constructive feedback, and was helpful!"

Comments from 10/14/2021

"Instructor was great! Very professional, patient and informative!"

Comments from 10/11/2021

"Tim IS THE BEST EVER!! I had a fantastic experience! Would do this any day of the week if I had to all over again!! He was easy to understand, calming, and clearly well trained/experienced! Thank you so so much, Mr Tim!!"

Comments from 10/7/2021

"My driving instructor was absolutely amazing very through with detail! I was so afraid of messing up but he told me to just be myself and remain calm! Even though he had to explain some things more than once he didn’t get impatient and he talked me through it! He is the reason there r good drivers out there! The times I did miss something he explained it! I would recommend giving this man a bonus!! He is wonderful! Also wanted to say thank u guys for being patient with me when I missed and resecdule oh and giving me a discount!!! Thank u thank u thank u"

Comments from 10/2/2021

"Examiner was nice and calm and gave very clear instructions"

Comments from 10/1/2021

"Love being able to practice at church. Have recommended you to friends ❤️"

Comments from 10/1/2021

"Fran was great !! I loved how I was able to Register online and I received a confirmation email in addition to a reminder email!!"

Comments from 9/30/2021

"I appreciated how easy it was to reschedule the exam and how friendly everyone was. My daughter was very nervous to take the exam (as was I) but the instructor was good at putting us at ease."

Comments from 8/30/2021

"Easy process, great instructor when taking road test. Highly recommend."

Comments from 8/30/2021

"I forget that young lady’s name who who examined me but she was very nice &’patient. She explained everything very well !"

Comments from 8/29/2021

"Tim is amazing and I absolutely appreciate his knowledge as well as hospitality."

Comments from 8/26/2021

"My 2nd (and last) child just graduated from your program with flying colors as did his sister before him! As always, fantastic instructors, examiners, and office people!! I always recommend your school and always will! Thank you for being professional, caring, helpful and doing a job that sets up the road ahead for great drivers!!"

Comments from 8/19/2021

"My daughters instructor Tim was excellent! He explained everything great and was very patient with her! I will definitely recommend you to her friends!😊"

Comments from 8/19/2021

"Stroia made it easy and comfortable for my teen to do both Segment 1, Segment 2, and the road test. I recommend your services to our friends with children ready for driver training."

Comments from 8/18/2021

"Great instructor, made us both feel very at ease and comfortable?"

Comments from 8/18/2021

"Test was administered on time with good feedback for my driver"

Comments from 8/17/2021

"Fran was my son's instructor and she did a fantastic job. Thank you for helping my son get his license. He was very excited about it."

Comments from 8/15/2021

"The instructor explained everything very well. She also made me feel comfortable so I wasn't so nervous. I was way more nervous before I met my instructor."

Comments from 8/9/2021

"Bob was such a great instructor. Knew my daughter was nervous and helped put her at ease."

Comments from 8/8/2021

"Very competent and supportive instructor. Very personable, we had a good experience."

Comments from 8/6/2021

"The driver instructor was great! Very friendly! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I will be back with my next child’s driving test!"

Comments from 7/31/2021

"I appreciate that the staff promptly tried to rectify any concerns I had when registering my son. They were very polite and attentive."

Comments from 7/26/2021

"The driving instructor was absolutely amazing. I was extremely nervous, and he could see that I was. He very calmly talked to me and put me at ease. I would recommend this driving school to anyone. "

Comments from 7/23/2021

"Fran was her name and she was awesome. She was very helpful. Let me know when to turn and made sure it was safe! This is a place I recommend"

Comments from 7/16/2021

"Craig, Maya's instructor, was incredibly kind and helped Maya feel at ease during a very nerve-wracking time in her life, obtaining her license!! Thank you!"

Comments from 7/14/2021

"Wonder staff I was really nervous at first but they made it look easy and made me feel comfortable and I would recommend them to any one I wish I could of took them out for a drink how great they treated me and the rest of the guys there. Thank you all."

Comments from 7/11/2021

"I feel so good With my instructor he was a very cool guy and he make's me feel so confortable."

Comments from 7/10/2021

"Everything was amazing!!"

Comments from 7/9/2021

"Could not be happier with Stroia. The team was helpful, supportive, and bent over backwards to get my son scheduled. The tester was the right balance of fair and kind - thanks again!"

Comments from 7/3/2021

"We had a very nice instructor. Extremely kind man"

Comments from 7/1/2021

"Fran is AWESOME to work with"

Comments from 6/29/2021

"Bob was a great instructor and clearly communicated what was next in the exam."

Comments from 6/22/2021

"the examiner made me feel very relaxed the entire time."

Comments from 6/19/2021

"Tim was great and put my daughter at ease right from the beginning. Highly recommend"

Comments from 6/18/2021

"Tim was a very good instructor. Great Job Tim!"

Comments from 6/11/2021

"Tim is an amazing instructor/examiner. He made our daughter feel at ease throughout her driving test so she could focus on driving. He provided constructive feedback including areas for growth and strengths as well as valuable safety information. We will not hesitate to recommend Stroia/Tim to our friends. The only feedback about the website registration is I tried to enter a coupon and then the system glitched. It didn't provide me with a confirmation number/email and the coupon wasn't acknowledged. However, the day before the test, I did receive a reminder email and when I contacted the company via email, they responded the next day and confirmed our driving test information."

Comments from 6/11/2021

"Fran was great with my son. Thank you for making hi less Nervous !"

Comments from 6/10/2021

"The instructor, Tim, was awesome."

Comments from 6/10/2021

"All done electronically except the test of course. My evaluator Fran was pleasant, fair, and all-around excellent at her job. She was a pleasure to test with and made a stressful situation relatively fun and enjoyable. A real asset to your company. Regards, Ray Wright"

Comments from 6/9/2021

"Craig was so nice and calm. He sees to it that the examiner is comfortable and relaxed that lessen the tension during the road test. After the exam, he explained my lapses so well so that I will not make the same mistake again when I'm on the road. I highly reccomend Stroia because they educate and guide their students and test takers very well. Thank you Craig and the rest of Stroia team!"

Comments from 6/6/2021

"Fran was awesome very straight forward with her instructions"

Comments from 6/5/2021

"The examiner was fantastic!!! Thank you for your wisdom and how great you are with kids!"

Comments from 6/4/2021

"The instructor was great, very informative. Would recommend to other's"

Comments from 6/4/2021

"Tim was a very nice man and made things a lot less stressful."

Comments from 5/31/2021

"I used you when my first child was learning to drive and now my second child, and I have recommended you to all our friends. You all do excellent work."

Comments from 5/29/2021

"Tim is a amazing instructor. I would highly recommend him and your company. Thank you."

Comments from 5/28/2021

"The entire process was an excellent experience."

Comments from 5/26/2021

"My son was so nervous to take his road test, but when they returned he said the instructor was absolutely amazing. He said they talked like they had known each other for years and took his anxiety away immediately. Thanks so much for making this a easy experience for him and me!!"

Comments from 5/25/2021

"Great experience."

Comments from 5/23/2021

"super kind and made me feel comfortable during the test!! definitely will recommend for friends and family"

Comments from 5/22/2021

"Hats off to Tim, he was very professional and courteous. I'm very glad we used the Stroias service"

Comments from 5/14/2021

"Mr Timothy is the best instructor anyone could have ask for he not only instruct but he made you feel as if you know him for a very long time he is calm and allow you to feel so comfortable around him may he continue to be the best instructor for every God bless you Sir"

Comments from 5/6/2021

"The instructor did a wonderful job throughout the whole testing process. 5 star . Highly recommend"

Comments from 5/6/2021

"My road test examiner was Bob and he was very kind to me. I am very thankful to him as he levitated my anxiety during the exam. I'm glad I went through this school for my drivers education."

Comments from 5/2/2021

"Thank you for your kindness and helpful critiques. Very welcoming and comfortable!! Will be recommending to others."

Comments from 5/2/2021

"The instructor wats very pleasant. He explaining thanks to my granddaughter she felt very comfortable. Can you please thank him for us👍👍👍"

Comments from 5/2/2021

"The instructor was top Notch, he greeted me, took care in his instruction (even in the cold rain) and made the whole experience wonderful"

Comments from 4/29/2021

"I forgot my registration and they let me rent a bike quick and to the point good service"

Comments from 4/26/2021

"Instructor was very kind. My daughter was very nervous, and he was great to her. Seemed very understanding. Appreciated the business contacting me to ensure the temporary permit that had expired was reinstated before the road test instead of cancelling. Will use same company when it’s time for my son"

Comments from 4/25/2021

"Tim was an excellent driving instructor! I would highly recommend that people choose stroia driving school over wolf creek. Failed twice when testing through wolf creek but Tim was a very patient man when it came to my testing anxiety and gave me lots of positive feedback that will help me in the future."

Comments from 4/23/2021

"The instructor was very polite and made it very clear what he wanted me to do for the test. He was very patient and kind. There was absolutely no stress"

Comments from 4/23/2021

"Craig was the best and also learned a few tips from him thank you 😊"

Comments from 4/21/2021

"The instructor who did the road test with my daughter he was wonderful. Very nice, while she was driving he would make conversations with her which helped her relax, it was a great experience and would highly recommend anyone to go here, my son is next to take driving school and he will definitely be going here. Thank you stroia."

Comments from 4/21/2021

"The man who administered my daughters driving test was amazing. He made her (and me) feel at more at ease during what can sometimes me a stressful moment."

Comments from 4/16/2021

"Easy to access, good instructions with explainations and rationale. I recommend your service!"

Comments from 4/15/2021

"Very nice and professional. Thank you"

Comments from 4/15/2021

"Instructor was very nice and calm. His patience made our son feel at ease and was truly appreciated."

Comments from 4/13/2021

"It was easy to schedule and register on the website. The instructor was very professional. I did need to make a change to our appointment and that was easy, as well. Overall, I am very happy with your services and will use you again for my other child."

Comments from 4/11/2021

"My son and I were VERY pleased! The instructor was AMAZING,he made my son VERY comfortable as he was trembling on our way. The instructor was beyond polite,helpful and had great conversation while driving and made this experience so much easier for my son. I just want to thank him for this experience and just being so kind! Thank you,Thea Bellew"

Comments from 4/9/2021

"This was a positive experience for my daughter and myself and husband. The experience was positive and I won’t hesitate to recommend this school to anyone starting the process. Thank you"

Comments from 4/8/2021

"I loved that my sons inspector was so calm while on the road test."

Comments from 4/4/2021

"WE TESTED IN ALPENA . We couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!!!"

Comments from 4/1/2021

"Fran was great ! She instructed well and made my self the parent and my son feel at ease."

Comments from 3/31/2021

"Bob was an excellent examiner!"

Comments from 3/30/2021

"Excellent testing instructor, he made my son feel very calm, dealing with the face masking , and the pandemic , my son Being at home all school year long lost some social skills.our driving tester was the best . Recommend stroia highly."

Comments from 3/30/2021

"Fran is awesome! Got me testing quickly and was very clear with instructions. Answered my question about needing to go to Secretary of State and provided info that actually saved me a trip there! Got my temporary license the same day I passed. Thank you Fran for being so amazing!"

Comments from 3/26/2021

"Instructor was fair, honest, and friendly."

Comments from 3/25/2021

"Everything my instructor wanted me to do was very well-explained. Great experience."

Comments from 3/23/2021

"Thanks for the professionalism and easy setup."

Comments from 3/20/2021

"Provided all the information needed! Answered all my questions and treated me with respect."

Comments from 3/13/2021

"Would definitely recommend this company for anyone. Very polite and understanding instructor, made us feel very comfortable, explained things very well! Thanks Stroia!!"

Comments from 3/12/2021

"Our instructor was extremely calming and easy to drive with"

Comments from 3/12/2021

"Great school for my son Jimmy"

Comments from 3/5/2021

"We will be back with our other kids"

Comments from 2/26/2021

"Driving was a huge fear that I over came the day I took my test. I waited years to do that simply because I didn’t think I could. But my instructor let me know everything was ok and he was very patient with me. Thank you to this driving school. How I appreciate you dearly"

Comments from 2/25/2021

"Thank you Mr. Tim!"

Comments from 2/19/2021

"My sons instructor was very professional he made my son very comfortable while testing would definitely refer in the future"

Comments from 2/14/2021

"He was great and everything went well"

Comments from 2/13/2021

"The entire process was easy. I made my appointment online and when I got there, my instructor was waiting and ready to go. He explained each step in great detail before he instructed me to execute. The route was really simple and even though I passed, my instructor still provided great feedback once the road test portion was finished. The process was super easy and I’m relieved because I wa so nervous. I definitely will be sending my children here."

Comments from 2/2/2021

"The instructor was very professional. Because it is cold outside (January) and there are no open locations to wait while my son took the road portion of the test: I was offered a car to sit in and to stay warm. I would definitely recommend Stroia and will use again when my younger son needs to finish his driving education."

Comments from 1/15/2021

"It was easy to make an appointment and the whole experience was smooth. I would recommend this place to my friends."

Comments from 12/31/2020

"Mr. Bob is a very soft spoken, professional, kind, nice instructor and a great asset to your company. I will refer all my friends and family your way."

Comments from 12/12/2020

"I was glad to see you honor medical exemptions during this time!!!"

Comments from 12/12/2020

"Great experience, really nice people"

Comments from 12/6/2020

"Instructor was great. Explained everything well as I was driving and helped keep me calm throughout the whole process "

Comments from 12/4/2020

"The instructors were great. Now I completely understand why they are always booked. I would definitely recommend this company for drivers training."

Comments from 12/3/2020

"My daughter and I had a pleasant experience. Fran, the instructor, was very professional and polite and very informative of what was expected from the driver and parent."

Comments from 12/3/2020

"Everything with our session 2 was great. I wish we'd have completed session 1 with you instead of the company we went with."

Comments from 11/30/2020

"My daughter only took Segment 1 online and loved it the instructor explained a lot of stuff with them. She also took her Road test with this company and the examiner was a woman named Francis and my daughter said she loved her explained everything very well. And yes she passed her road test on the first try!!!!! Thank you all!! I would recommend this driving school."

Comments from 11/29/2020

"The instructor was great and appointment started on time."

Comments from 11/20/2020

"Amanda is my third teenager to go thru driving test. I was very impressed on how our examiner interacted with my daughter and myself. You don't try to immediately fail someone just to get an extra payment as has happened with other examining sites. Thank you for being kind and professional"

Comments from 11/20/2020

"Professional service"

Comments from 11/13/2020

"Our test administrator was very kind and reassuring. He put my nervous children at ease."

Comments from 11/12/2020

"Tim was absolutely amazing with my daughter. She was scared to take the test but he put her at ease and made her feel comfortable with doing the test! I would highly recommend you service to anyone! Thank u again !!"

Comments from 11/5/2020

"The entire experience was great for both of my kids. Mr. Stroia made them feel comfortable and have a good driving experience. I would recommended Stroia to anyone asking about a great driving school!! Thanks Mr Stroia and staff!"

Comments from 11/1/2020

"The driving instructor was very nice and very helpful !"

Comments from 10/29/2020

"Excellent staff. From the lady on the phone, to the gentleman that greeted us at the testing site, and the lady that tested my daughter. I will absolutely refer you guys. Thank you for being kind"

Comments from 10/28/2020

"I will definitely recommend this company to ever new driver we know our instructor was amazing and reallly kind."

Comments from 10/23/2020

"Very friendly & gave feedback once the test was complete. Will recommend to others."

Comments from 10/22/2020

"Instructor was kind, informative and very friendly. Put my son’s mind at ease. Great experience."

Comments from 10/22/2020

"Tim was so patient and professional treating my son with kindness and respect. I was very pleased with the amount of time he spent talking to him both on a personal level and on an educational level. I believe that if the young driver feels comfortable with the instructor while behind the wheel, then they will drive much better by relaxing a bit easing that nervousness. Thank you for being a great company. I will highly recommend you."

Comments from 10/15/2020

"This is one of the best experiences that I had with a driving school. I was initially nervous about driving lessons due to past car accidents and past experiences with other schools, but my instructor Mr. Chuck was amazing! He was patient, he explained everything in a way that made me less nervous and more excited to be a driver. Also, when I took my road test, my examiner, I forgot his name, but he was awesome as well. He took the time to explain my errors and what I needed to improve. I would recommend this driving school 100%!!!!!"

Comments from 10/9/2020

"The road test instructor was excellent. She used a calm voice to guide the test and took the time to go over the results and give sound, helpful advice afterward. A++"

Comments from 10/4/2020

"We had a great experience!! We have used your company for all of my boys testing! We recommend you to everyone!! Driving instructors out very personable and putt boys at ease when they were taking the test. Thank You so much!!"

Comments from 10/2/2020

"Best driving school downriver! Professional, organized, two thumbs up!"

Comments from 9/30/2020

"My son took 2 tests failed the first time . Both instructors were knowledgeable however didn’t seem to be on the same page about what they were looking for . Overall good experience though."

Comments from 9/29/2020

"Tim was very nice. My son was very nervous going into the test but Tim made him feel more at ease. He also explained things well at the end that my son did wrong. I would highly recommend this instructor."

Comments from 9/25/2020

"Had a wonderful experience in Alpena. The instructor was very nice and calming for my daughter. Will highly recommended Stroia to others!"

Comments from 9/24/2020

"I didn't get the name of my examiner, but he was very nice and eased the nerves I had during my test! I would definitely recommend Stroia!"

Comments from 9/24/2020

"Instructor Chuck is the reason we LOVE this driving school as he is the most kind, down to earth, patient, professional instructor ever, it would take days for the office staff to call after we left messages or and no one ever picked up when we called which irritated us greatly but once they did call, they were very sweet kind and helpful. But having CHUCK as an instructor made everything well worth the wait as he is triple AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!"

Comments from 9/23/2020

"The examiner made my son at ease. Great experience!"

Comments from 9/22/2020

"Instructor was personable and professional. Would use same service again."

Comments from 9/11/2020

"I had a very friendly woman in the office who helped set my daughter up with segment 2 during the coronavirus pandemic. I actually had 2 people call me back so I was helped double!! And the instructor who administered the test was Wonderful!!! He made my daughter (and me) feel extremely comfortable and relaxed."

Comments from 9/6/2020

"The driving instructor was kind, calm and knowledgeable. He made my family feel at ease during a stressful situation"

Comments from 9/6/2020

"Fran was wonderful!"

Comments from 9/5/2020

"Very friendly!! Alpena"

Comments from 9/3/2020

"The process to sign up was easy and the location was convenient. The instructor was so friendly and made my son feel comfortable. His examiner number was 5035. I have 3 other children that I will definitely be bringing back here when it’s time for them to test."

Comments from 8/30/2020

"The examiner was friendly and made pleasant an otherwise nerve wracking experience."

Comments from 8/29/2020

"Our instructor Bob, was a pleasure to have assist my daughter finalize her driving process. He clearly explained all the expectations of the test. He was patient and kind during the whole process."

Comments from 8/25/2020

"Bob our instructor was very kind and really made the experience very comfortable . My son really appreciated all the patience he showed us. My son is part of the group of people who are highly sensitive and take instruction word for word. He didn’t pass his test, and we are going to follow up with one on one driving time through stroia. I highly recommend bob the driving instructor."

Comments from 8/25/2020

"Fran was excellent!"

Comments from 8/23/2020

"very nice, top service"

Comments from 8/23/2020

"That instructor was very thorough"

Comments from 8/22/2020

"Instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable."

Comments from 8/21/2020

"This is my second child that took driving classes at Stroia, very happy with the professionalism of instructors and examiner. Will highly recommend Stroia for teen’s driving needs."

Comments from 8/21/2020

"I accidently registered for Alpena online. I called office and they corrected for Taylor with ease. Got reminder for test in email. Only school downriver I could find with road test during pandemic."

Comments from 8/21/2020

"The instructor she was very nice and fair. I would recommend this place to my family and friends."

Comments from 8/19/2020

"Stroia was a great experience for my son. Will recommend to anyone who need this type of service. Thank you to all who helped him."

Comments from 8/16/2020

"Instructor made my daughter feel very comfortable during her road test. I will definitely recommend Stroia."

Comments from 8/15/2020

"Fran was very nice and professional. Gave great advice/tips after exam was complete. I would highly recommend Stroia School of Driving👍"

Comments from 8/14/2020

"Will highly recommend. Instructor was so great! Included me in the decision-making at the end of the road test. Decided my son needs just a bit more practice. Felt very comfortable with his explanation and guidance."

Comments from 8/7/2020

"Really enjoyed Bob. Easy going. Great job. Thank you Bob!!!"

Comments from 8/4/2020

"We appreciate your knowledgeable answers to our (Pandemic related) questions and the calmness and ease of the road test instructor and instructions. Thank you again!"

Comments from 7/31/2020

"The instructor, Craig, at the Taylor MI Stroia, was excellent. He made my daughter feel comfortable. His instructions were clear and concise. Craig provided valuable feedback at the end of the test."

Comments from 7/31/2020

"Tim was very nice and great instructor and teacher."

Comments from 7/30/2020

"Tim tested my daughter he was an excellent evaluator! Thank you"

Comments from 7/27/2020

"My daughter I was nervous but Bob was very easy-going and provided quite a bit of drivers education during her test, and instilled confidence in her. She said “Bob was pretty great!” Thanks, Bob! And thank you to the Stroia family."

Comments from 7/25/2020

"Our daughther was a so nervous but Fran was awesome. She just got her to relax and our daughter passed the drivers test , Fran was amazing . Thank you so much"

Comments from 7/25/2020

"The instructor was very good with my daughter and told her she was doing well instead of just sitting quietly. He never told her what she should be doing just pointed out her strong points. Thanks"

Comments from 7/24/2020

"Instructor was professional and helpful. Driving examiner was polite and serious making the test seem more serious. She was direct and presented all areas of the test well. She made suggestions for better driving for the student. The only thing that we questioned was why she didn’t indicate if the student got any points against her. That way the student would know what to work on in her future driving skills."

Comments from 7/19/2020

"Very efficient and on time for the road test (actually we started early!). Fran was very professional and it was a good experience for my son."

Comments from 7/18/2020

"Tim was a really great instructor . I feel like he really took time with us and did an excellent explaining instructions and expectations . He had a friendly personality and offered important feedback , reminders to my teenage driver and his approach was really good . Thanks for offering this opportunity in Alpena !"

Comments from 7/17/2020

"Bob was Great"

Comments from 7/14/2020

"Fran was very nice."

Comments from 7/13/2020

"Fran is very helpful! She was the best"

Comments from 7/11/2020

"My daughter had a very positive experience the instructor made her feel at ease and not overwhelmed. Very pleased with the company."

Comments from 7/1/2020

"From the instructors to the driving test we had a wonderful experience with Stroia Driving School. My daughter went to another driving school and Stroia was far superior. Thank you."

Comments from 6/30/2020

"Bob was great. Thanks"

Comments from 6/28/2020

"I didn’t get to actually drive or anything because I have to renew my permit but the lady was very nice"

Comments from 6/28/2020

"Bob was my son Jacob’s road tester. Bob was very kind, honest , and funny. He helped to put my son and myself at ease. He was also very professional. I highly recommend others to go to Stroia for their road test! Thank you!!"

Comments from 6/28/2020

"The instructor was kind, encourage and her informative. He was not intimidating and made my daughter feel at ease. Highly recommended."

Comments from 6/26/2020

"The examiner was very thorough and informative."

Comments from 6/26/2020

"I was really impressed. Very nice instructor interested in teaching my kid what to do. You could tell they weren’t out there just to mark the kids wrong for everything but had a general concern to teach them proper habits and skills. It was a very positive experience!"

Comments from 6/25/2020

"Instructor was very courteous and professional."

Comments from 6/22/2020

"I have recommended them to a few friends. We were very pleased with the ease of the website and the on road instruction."

Comments from 6/22/2020

"Very thorough with instructions."

Comments from 6/20/2020

"Road test examiner was great! Made my daughter feel relaxed and at ease!! Which helped a great deal since she was nervous about the road test!!"

Comments from 6/20/2020

"Our appointment went very well. It was on time. Our instructor put us at ease and was kind to a new driver. thank you."

Comments from 6/18/2020

"My new driver was very nervous, she practiced the parking maneuvers but still feared the "test"...Bob was great and put her at ease and gave her good tips for the future. A good experience overall."

Comments from 6/13/2020

"My instructor was Bob in Melvindale. He made my road test very comfortable as he completely explained exactly what I was to do. He was very pleasant and professional"

Comments from 3/24/2020

"The examiner was extremely knowledgeable and gave great input at the end to my child. I was very impressed!"

Comments from 3/23/2020

"When I called with questions/concerns (SOS shut down because of COVID-19), the lady that assisted me was very kind and helpful. My instructor, Bob, was very kind and thorough!! Excellent experience!"

Comments from 3/21/2020

"Instructor was very kind and knowledgeable . Was great in relieving the pressure off my new driver test son . Would recommend Storia for your driving needs . thanks a lot !!!"

Comments from 3/20/2020

"Very courteous and down to earth. Made the testing process painless!"

Comments from 3/19/2020

"Everything went great. The instructor was awesome! Thank you guys so much !!"

Comments from 3/19/2020

"My Examiner Rob was excellent he explained the instructions clear, at the time of the on road test he would say the next step ahead of time and i had enough time to do it my experience was more than happy thanks for providing amazing service"

Comments from 3/17/2020

"My Examiner was really informative and professional and made me feel less nervous during the road test."

Comments from 3/17/2020

"thank you"

Comments from 3/15/2020

"My son took both segments at the Taylor location. Both instructors were great! I would highly recommend Stroia to anyone who’s child will be going through drivers training!"

Comments from 3/13/2020

"My son enjoyed it. Glad they have taken steps to break getting your license down to stages. Driving with a license is a privilege and it's something that should not be taken lightly."

Comments from 3/13/2020

"Quintin had a wonderful experience."

Comments from 3/12/2020

"Bob was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He was very patient and helpful and I would recommend him and your company to other drivers. Way to go Bob!"

Comments from 3/10/2020

"I was so nervous and the instructor made me feel better. Thank you for a great experience."

Comments from 3/6/2020

"It was a good experience I will never forget."

Comments from 3/6/2020

"Staff was awesome, very helpful and patient with my daughter, explained everything with great detail and made the whole process of getting her drivers license easy from the classroom to the road test."

Comments from 3/4/2020

"I have now had all three of my children go through the driving test with Stroia and I couldn't be happier. The staff are not only knowledgeable, but very courteous, respectful, and patient (especially with the new drivers:)"

Comments from 2/29/2020

"Instructor was great,it was a very cold day,instructor had rental car warmed up for me to sit in while my 18 year old grandson was on his road, test"

Comments from 2/29/2020

"Instructor was very nice and encouraging. Highly satisfied!"

Comments from 2/26/2020

"We really liked the instructor. She was very informative and sweet!!! Excellent!!! Would highly recommend her 2 everyone. Which we did to multiple friends that are getting ready to do the test soon. Thanks again The Kubelis Family"

Comments from 2/23/2020

"Nice job with a nervous teen."

Comments from 2/22/2020

"My son really learned a lot from his instructor, much more than my daughter did at another driving school. Highly recommended."

Comments from 2/21/2020

"Fran gave great instructions and good feedback."

Comments from 2/19/2020

"Fran was great. Was calm and explained to my daughter why she failed. Hopefully, she will get this right the next time."

Comments from 2/9/2020

"Each and every part was excellent I am much satisfied Thanks SHEHARYAR"

Comments from 1/30/2020

"My son had a great experience, and his examiner was great,very helpful and informative."

Comments from 1/30/2020

"We had no issues at all. My son was nervous and the examiner reminded him he just needed to do all the things he learned and had practiced. Very kind, explained everything and made sure we didn’t have any questions. I have and will continue to recommend you!"

Comments from 1/27/2020

"Great service"

Comments from 1/25/2020

"Very very good service your company is providing!! Thanks so much to your team!!"

Comments from 1/23/2020

"I have 2 more children and will send them there as well, as long as you are still there in 5-6 years."

Comments from 1/17/2020

"Instructor was great! A little disappointed with the website “not working properly” and double booked me, so i had to go to Melvindale location. Other then that, our instructor was prompt, professional and nice. Great instructor made up for the scheduling mistake. Thanks Bob!"

Comments from 1/13/2020

"originally signed up for a road test online but had to reschedule. i rescheduled over the phone. both experiences were good ones.Easy and convenient. everyone we dealt with in person or on the phone was friendly and polite."

Comments from 1/11/2020

"My daughter's instructor, Tim was a great guy. Very patient and was a great people person. She was extremely nervous as most 16 years are, and he put her at ease. I would like to personally thank Tim for making this big day in my daughters life great!"

Comments from 1/9/2020

"My older daughter used a different company because of scheduling conflict and my younger daughter used Stroia. There is no comparison. Stroia is excellent in every way. Her driving instructor for her road teat was great. Very sweet and kind . Gave very clear instruction and made my daughter feel at ease . "

Comments from 1/8/2020

"Our Examiner, Bob, was fantastic. He put the driver and passenger at ease. I'll highly recommend Stroia."

Comments from 12/30/2019

"Instructor Mike was very nice and made me feel comfortable and not nervous. Thank you."

Comments from 12/24/2019

"Very easy process and very nice staff. I called with a question before registering online and the lady was super friendly."

Comments from 12/22/2019

"good instruction offered during practice driving."

Comments from 12/21/2019

"My son took his road test the instructor was wonderful not only for my son but me as the parent. He explained everything to both of us as soon as we pulled into the testing area. Thanks so much I will pass your company name around to friends and family."

Comments from 12/19/2019

"Better instructions in regards to meeting the instructor in the parking lot not the building would have been helpful."

Comments from 12/12/2019

"Our examiner was calm and helpful. It was an excellent experience!"

Comments from 11/28/2019

"Thank you.😁"

Comments from 11/23/2019

"Stroia was an excellent choice for us! My son was well prepared for his on the road test. The on the road instructor was pleasant, thorough, & patient. Explained things very well!"

Comments from 11/22/2019

"Fran was awesome. Clear to the point, professional, and very knowledgeable."

Comments from 11/17/2019

"Our tester was fair and very polite and made sure my kid was comfortable driving and knowledgable... a very nice man."

Comments from 11/7/2019

"Was good value and learn more excellent people the instructors is good help full the great job the do thanks for good experiences for learning at astroia"

Comments from 11/7/2019


Comments from 11/7/2019

"The instructor Bob was professional and kind. He explained the importance of his instructions and the testing but still made my daughter feel comfortable."

Comments from 11/5/2019

"This instructor was amazing. My daughter felt very comfortable with her. Thank you."

Comments from 11/1/2019

"I’m sorry I have forgot her name, my grandson’s instructor was great! She was very professional yet kind and respectful. It must be hard driving with teens, she should be commended! He took his test on Saturday, October 26 at 11:30 am."

Comments from 10/27/2019

"Both of our children have completed driver training through Stroia now, every instructor/examiner has been excellent. If we had a third child we would use you again!! Thank you."

Comments from 10/20/2019

"Made everything understandable and easy to pass"

Comments from 10/18/2019

"Thank you for being flexible with my son. He reads at a 4th grade level and you made accommodations for him. Thank you very much. We were afraid this would hinder him from getting his license."

Comments from 10/18/2019

"Very professional staff."

Comments from 10/17/2019

"I’ve had problems with other road testing companies, but the kindness of this company and of the evaluator Frannie, we had a pleasant experience taking the road test here."

Comments from 10/16/2019

"Bob was a great driving instructor! He put my daughter at ease!"

Comments from 10/15/2019

"Very smooth process. The test started right on time and Fran was very professional."

Comments from 10/7/2019

"Very professional, polite, and respectful staff. I would recommend your business to anyone looking for a driving school or road test!"

Comments from 10/6/2019

"Both my kids came to this Drivers Ed School, and we had no problems and they both enjoyed there Instructors!!"

Comments from 10/6/2019

"The instructor was wonderful. Made my nervous son very comfortable. Also very informative and professional."

Comments from 10/5/2019

"We interacted with an office employee and three instructors. All were courteous, thoughtful, thorough, and professional. They’re an outstanding group of people. I highly recommend Stroia Driving School."

Comments from 10/4/2019

"My son took the driving test and I couldn't be more pleased about his instructor. I do not remember his name but I think it began with a "C". His examiner number is 5035. He was very nice and personable. My son felt very comfortable with him. He definitely made our day less stressful.I cannot thank him enough. 😊"

Comments from 10/4/2019

"Second kid coming here. this is the only place we'll use"

Comments from 10/4/2019

"The driving instructor was very thorough. She explained everything and let my son know minor things that he had to correct."

Comments from 10/3/2019

"My student enjoyed the class time as well as the instructor. Hours were tough to work out with other commitments, however, it was what we had to do. Student learned alot and very confident."

Comments from 9/30/2019

"They were professional, respectful also helpful great experience"

Comments from 9/29/2019

"The staff at Stroia School of Driving has a passion for teaching new drivers. They take the time to explain what you need to know on the road. And they give great tips on how to be a better driver.I will be using Stroia for my two nieces to learn how to driver. We need driver ed places like Stroia for our future generations."

Comments from 9/28/2019

"Great teacher, my daughter felt very comfortable."

Comments from 9/26/2019

"My son liked the instructor. He liked she was very precise with instructions and didnt distract him."

Comments from 9/22/2019

"I would recommend Stroia to everyone."

Comments from 9/21/2019

"The examiner was courteous and polite."

Comments from 9/20/2019

"Very professional!"

Comments from 9/18/2019

"Bob was our Examiner. He was the best!"

Comments from 9/17/2019

"The instructor was very calm, patient and friendly."

Comments from 9/11/2019

"I have sent a separate email on the terrible experience we had for my daughter’s road test. Please review."

Comments from 9/11/2019

"It was very helpful and well instructed"

Comments from 9/11/2019

"Bob at the melvindale location was very patient with my nervous 16 yr old daughter. Even after a few tears, he made her feel relaxed and was very calming! Thank you!"

Comments from 9/7/2019

"The instructor was great, very nice guy and excellent at his job"

Comments from 9/7/2019

"The instructor was great and put the driver at ease. Very friendly."

Comments from 9/4/2019

"I was extremely nervous about the test, but my instructor was so kind and put me at ease so I could finish my test with a pass! Thank you!"

Comments from 9/4/2019

"We are very pleased with this school and love that they are flexible with ppl and their families. I will absolutely recommend this school to anyone looking for driver's training classes."

Comments from 8/24/2019

"Fran was great! Very professional."

Comments from 8/22/2019

"Joe, the driving instructor, helped our daughter to be a Safe driver, and to be prepared for her driving test."

Comments from 8/16/2019

"My instructor gave me tips to help me drive better"

Comments from 8/16/2019

"Ruffner was great"

Comments from 8/15/2019

"Francis is the kindest driving examiner I could have asked for."

Comments from 8/13/2019

"I registered online for a class but then received a phone call that the computer system was messed up and that the class I registered for was in fact full. Would not have been a problem but I then could only send my son to the Taylor location which was a 20 minute drive due to our vacation schedule. Please fix the computer program. Thank you: However, the class was well taught and my son learned a lot and it was a very good experience overall"

Comments from 8/5/2019

"We've used Stroia for 3 of our kids so far, and plan on bringing the other three to you as well once it's their time."

Comments from 8/5/2019

"My son's instructor was great. He was very nice and made my son feel at ease. I would rate him a 10!"

Comments from 8/4/2019

"Very helpful and went out of their way to help with dates and times. Could not have asked for better people. Will tell everyone I know to go here !! And the cost was by far the best in the area!"

Comments from 8/4/2019

"Thank you"

Comments from 8/3/2019

"Stroia was a great experience for our son! He can't wait to take the second class!! Thank you for teaching our son"

Comments from 8/2/2019

"My son took his road test through Stroia. My husband rode in the car during the test and was very pleased with the instructor. Very relaxed and made my son comfortable. Thank you for a great experience."

Comments from 8/1/2019

"Great job! Thank you"

Comments from 7/30/2019

"Nadine Clark is an amazing teacher. She is kind, helpful and knows so much about driving. She has helped my children become safe and intelligent drivers and they have taught me things that I didn't know also."

Comments from 7/29/2019

"The service you provide is excellent. Your driver examiner was very professional. I used your company a few years back and you are still providing excellent service. I recommend your company any time I can."

Comments from 7/28/2019

"Robert was an excellent instructor, very informative and made me feel comfortable and less nervous! Would definitely recommend this driving school for road testing."

Comments from 7/27/2019

"Our instructor Bob at Melvindale site was awesome.i have twins and he was the instructor to both of them.He makes us feel comfortable and even had a good laugh with us after the test.😊"

Comments from 7/27/2019

"Our instructor was the BEST! Very knowledgable, SO helpful and understanding, and the feedback after the exam was INCREDIBLE! :-) Thank you so much for everything!"

Comments from 7/24/2019

"Called to confirm what paperwork was needed could not find this on website. Received call after my daughter completed her test. At that point not needed. Need more evening appointments."

Comments from 7/24/2019

"The road tester was wonderful, cheerful, and had a positive attitude toward my son. Loved him! I'm thankful that those are the type of people you hire !"

Comments from 7/23/2019

"The instructor Mr. Ruffner was very friendly and make my children feel comfortable to drive."

Comments from 7/22/2019

"Mr.Ruffner really help me understand the rules of the road."

Comments from 7/20/2019

"Great experience from start to finish!"

Comments from 7/19/2019

"The Instructors were wonderful! The Instructor was very professional with the kids! The times of services were great!"

Comments from 7/19/2019

"Our son really loved how is instructor, Al Ruffner, made learning enjoyable. Al went above and beyond to be helpful with answering questions and giving him the confidence he needed that he didn’t get from driving with his own parents. We will look to send our next three children here as well."

Comments from 7/19/2019

"My son got great driving experience with Mr. Ruffner. He made sure they spent time on the freeway as well as local roads. My daughter went to Sears for her first session and didn't have as much different driving experiences as my son. He also took the time to let us know how he was doing and improving. Thanks again, we will be back for segment 2."

Comments from 7/10/2019

"Seriously, better color diagrams with close ups showing all the color painted lines would have made the Motorcycle test less confusing and easier for the instructor. Just saying!"

Comments from 7/7/2019

"super kind intstructor, made test relaxing and less stressful"

Comments from 7/7/2019

"My daughter felt confident and safe in class and on the road."

Comments from 7/4/2019

"I was super nervous however my instructor was awesome and made me feel little less nervous!"

Comments from 7/2/2019

"This was a great experience. The instructors are awesome. The course is splendid. Highly recommended."

Comments from 7/1/2019

"Extremely professional what a great experience staff was excellent"

Comments from 7/1/2019

"Al Ruffner goes above and beyond! He was a blessing to my two girls. Thank you!"

Comments from 6/29/2019

"Instructor was very professional and recognized right away that my 15 year old daughter was very nervous. He attempted to make her feel as comfortable as possible using humor a few times where it was acceptable. Very great experience and would definitely recommend. You could see that he was there not to fail her, but to pass her if she knew what she was doing and was a descendant driver."

Comments from 6/29/2019

"My daughter wanted more instruction in the classroom, but loved the experience she had behind the wheel with her driving instructor, Mr. Rufner."

Comments from 6/29/2019

"Loved our tester! He was kind fair and gave constructive criticism to my daughter. To be honest it was exactly what I’ve been telling my daughter. Thank you for making this a positive experience!"

Comments from 6/29/2019

"Always have good experience with son went here and now my daughter."

Comments from 6/29/2019

"My twins are really good drivers because of Stroia.1 twin pasted his driving test yesterday and 2nd twin will take hers soon.the instructed made me feel comfortable as a parent and my son as the student.thank you"

Comments from 6/25/2019

"The instructor was great! Her calm and friendly demeanor really helped calm my son's nerves for his driving test. Thank you!"

Comments from 6/17/2019

"I really appreciated the way the Instructor went over the test with My Son afterwards and explained to him the things he did well and what he needed improvement on. Fran was very professional, but also made my son feel comfortable enough to where he wasn't so nervous he couldn't drive. Thank you again."

Comments from 6/14/2019

"My son really enjoyed his class and instructor."

Comments from 6/13/2019

"My son Shawn had a great experience he learned alot & we as his parents are happy that we choice Storia THSNKS MRS. ANTAYA"

Comments from 6/13/2019

"Seiving instructor made my daughter feel very comfortable and was very nice"

Comments from 6/9/2019

"My son took his road test at the Taylor location & Fran was excellent. Very happy with everything!"

Comments from 6/8/2019

"Thank you for all you do!!!"

Comments from 6/8/2019

"Great program. Had 4 daughters go through you for drivers training /testing. "

Comments from 6/6/2019

"We were very happy with our road test."

Comments from 6/5/2019

"Something happened when we regtist6ered on line. In short we thought we had a scheduled time but turns out the on line was never completed. When I called the office they were very helpful but had no openings. However we were sitting in the parking lot in Taylor and the instructor Craig approached us and said his appointment was early and that he would give us a time slot to take the drivers test. THIS WAS AN INCREDIBLE GESTURE AND MESSAGE that my daughter will value. I thank Craig, Barb the lady on the phone for understanding and making this happen. This is my second time with Stroia although the first was a good experience. Yesterday 6/3/19 was amazing thank you for the wonderful people you employ. Brian Stone."

Comments from 6/4/2019

"Kate talk me through my test which made me take my mind off being nervous, great instructor"

Comments from 6/4/2019

"The girl who give me the test she was so nice before I start the test I was scare but she make me felt very fulfilled"

Comments from 6/4/2019

"Very kind and polite instructor and always attentive . I will definitely recommend to others !!"

Comments from 6/2/2019

"When my other kids is of age they will be going there"

Comments from 6/1/2019

"I love this school. Two out of my 3 children went to this school. The instructors are amazing. They have patience and make sure the kids are very comfortable. I would give this place 5 stars and I always recommend them to others. Class price is awesome as well. I paid up front but they give you the option to pay half up front and half before school ends. Great place."

Comments from 5/31/2019

"I was pleased with the next day scheduling... and my instructor was professional kind courteous and efficient...thank you"

Comments from 5/30/2019

"My instructor made me feel like we were just friends driving around and not somebody who just wanted me to not succeed"

Comments from 5/30/2019

"Mr. Ruffner was a good teacher :) 10/10"

Comments from 5/28/2019

"Fran was very kind and polite. She made me feel comfortable. I was actually having fun. Thanks again Fran!!"

Comments from 5/28/2019

"the instructer was very nice and helpful. and understanding. thank you the boat of yous guys."

Comments from 5/26/2019

"My daughter loved her teacher! Said he was awesome!"

Comments from 5/24/2019

"The woman who took me was able to teach very well. amazing instructor, her name was Fran❤"

Comments from 5/22/2019

"Kate was amazing. My daughter was so stressed she was in tears and Kate calmed her down. She is an excellent instructor."

Comments from 5/21/2019

"Thank you to all"

Comments from 5/19/2019

"Just into the first week but my older daughter came here and you guys were excellent. I refer everyone to you"

Comments from 5/17/2019

"Instructor was great with my son. She was very clear in her instructions and made thing a lot easier for him"

Comments from 5/16/2019

"Fran was Amazing!"

Comments from 5/15/2019

"I didn't have to deal with office staff since I registered online and never went to the building. Therefore, I wish there was a N/A option, but the road test instructor was excellent."

Comments from 5/14/2019

"The Instructor was Really great very nice and shes very talkative and that made me feel the most comfortable"

Comments from 5/9/2019

"I registered online for my son’s road test as well as I had to call the office and speak with a staff member. My experience both online and with the employee on the phone was excellent. During the phone call, the employee was very helpful and resolved my situation at that time. Online registration was very easy to do as well. My son’s instructor for the road test was very professional and thoroughly tested my son driving skills. An excellent experience overall!"

Comments from 5/9/2019

"Great! Our son learned a lot in a pleasant environment. One thing to consider: A seperate parents 1 hour[?] refresher course would be nice. Something for those of us who took Drivers education ages ago. Covering things like the change from 10 and 2 etc"

Comments from 5/8/2019

"Katie is so sweet , she was so calm and she made you feel comfortable ,she is indeed an asset in the company!"

Comments from 5/1/2019

"The lady was really nice and helpful"

Comments from 4/30/2019

"Craig was the best person in the world. I was a nervous WRECK at the beginning of my driving test. He kept me so calm!! I will no doubt recommend him and your driving school to everyone!!! Thank you again, Craig!!!"

Comments from 4/30/2019

"Examiner was very kind and explained issues with the driving well and also complimented the student on things she was doing very well."

Comments from 4/28/2019

"Katie was so freaking awesome, she made me feel so comfortable. I absolutely loved her and her feedback at the end was the best."

Comments from 4/26/2019

"Learned alot had fun"

Comments from 4/26/2019

"We have used this program before with my son. Very pleased."

Comments from 4/25/2019

"My instructor was Katie, and she was absolutely amazing. It was like driving with my best friend. She was so calm, helped me calm down a lot. I highly recommend her. Stroia overall was great."

Comments from 4/24/2019

"You were so nice! thank you!"

Comments from 4/19/2019

"Both of my boys went through the Stroia programs. They each had a good learning experience. I really only interacted with the road test instructor, but I can't say enough about Katie. She was so professional and did such a great job putting my son at ease. He was so nervous. I would highly recommend Stroia. I had a brief interaction with another driving school instructor in Flat Rock (out of convenience) and I was less than pleased."

Comments from 4/18/2019

"Thank you!"

Comments from 4/18/2019

"Instructor was very nice and friendly. Made the experience a plus!"

Comments from 4/17/2019

"Thank you for the experience of teaching my son. The driving instructor was amazing."

Comments from 4/17/2019

"Mario's road test examiner was phenomenal! She was very patient, even in her manner of speaking. She was extremely clear with her instructions and the purpose of each test. I believe her name was Katie, but am not positive. Great experience!!"

Comments from 4/10/2019

"My instructor was amazing and was a great help. I had pretty bad anxiety and her calm and kind attitude really helped!"

Comments from 4/10/2019

"Instructor Katie was WONDERFUL- so kind & patient. She also was very accommodating with our reschedule time& date. Only negative in whole experience was trying to get through to the office to make a reschedule. Having some kind of a coupon code to use for rescheduling online would have made this process easier. Overall though would 100% recommend stroia."

Comments from 4/9/2019

"My instructor was so sweet! I highly recommend this place and will be doing so."

Comments from 4/9/2019

"I had Katie, and she is absolutely great! She is very understanding and super nice"

Comments from 4/9/2019

"Fran was very friendly and gave great feedback at the end of the test. Very professional and friendly."

Comments from 4/9/2019

"The examiner was friendly and put my daughter at ease. My daughter even recommended her friends test with Katie because "she was so nice". "

Comments from 4/6/2019

"Very professional and to the point.Easy to understand directions"

Comments from 4/4/2019

"Thank you"

Comments from 3/31/2019

"The instructions and instructor were excellent. We had a good experience."

Comments from 3/30/2019

"My instructor was great and very professional. Great experience and pleasure to speak with!"

Comments from 3/28/2019

"Thank you"

Comments from 3/24/2019

"I would highly recommend this place"

Comments from 3/23/2019

"My daughter was very pleased with her experience with everything,as well as the convenience of the driving school close by. My son also had a great experience when he passed his driving test with your company 2 years ago.."

Comments from 3/14/2019

"I seen some reviews on Google, which were pretty mixed. I normally take them with a grain of salt though, and prefer my own experience to make a decision. It was, overall, a good experience. I would've came anyway since I live practically 300 feet from the Taylor location, and it wouldn't had made logical sense to go anywhere else. All in all, I'm glad I was able to have came here and had a great experience."

Comments from 3/14/2019

"I would absolutely recommend this driving school to everyone"

Comments from 3/11/2019

"She was a very good tester thanks million my son have a lot more confidence!!"

Comments from 3/9/2019

"My instructor was amazing. She made me comfortable , I wasn’t nervous. She encouraged me that I could pass. I would recommend stroia"

Comments from 3/7/2019

"she (my examiner) was very friendly and professional at the same time, she made the experience a pleasure. Thank you very much "

Comments from 3/6/2019

"This is the second time we have used Stroia School of Driving, as our daughter attended 2 years ago. Very professional and good communication from the staff. Website is easy to navigate including a calendar of available dates. Expectations are set up front and follow-up is good. Thank you for the professional experience all around. Highly recommend."

Comments from 3/3/2019

"Craig and Fren (I’m sorry if I spelt Ms Fren’s name incorrectly) were amazing!!! I learned so much from Craig. Fren was such a great examiner! Thank you Stroia, I will definitely recommend you."

Comments from 3/2/2019

"Katie was informative, clear and patient. She provided positive and constructive feedback. She made a very stressful experience pleasant."

Comments from 3/2/2019

"Katie was excellent and very kind, and helped make the situation much less nerve-wracking"

Comments from 2/27/2019

"I don't think that the instruction provided during class covered everything in an engaging way."

Comments from 2/27/2019

"Katie who was the instructor was great. She was very calming and explained the entire process every step of the way. I would highly recommend working with her through the Melvindale location."

Comments from 2/20/2019

"Was great"

Comments from 2/20/2019

"Instructor was excellent! Thank you"

Comments from 2/19/2019

"As the mom, I dealt with the office staff to get him registered and she was extremely helpful and even went as fast to look up the promotion I had gotten, but lost, to get $25 of the next session, which I totally appreciated! My son never complained about anything and he is ready for his driving test, so I am happy with this program."

Comments from 2/15/2019

"Everyone was very kind and easy to work with"

Comments from 2/12/2019

"Chuck my instructor was good and encouraging all the way. Thanks to him."

Comments from 2/9/2019

"Made the best decision to come to you guys!! Will be recommending to everyone!!❤️ Thank you for the excellent service!!"

Comments from 2/8/2019

"Our instructor was excellent and gave amazing feedback that will assist my daughter in her driving. Very welcoming and professional staff."

Comments from 2/3/2019

"I have used Stroia for my two sons and as a graduation gift to my niece gave her driving lessons and driving test as a gift. All three are good drivers. The instructors are awesome and have great teaching skills. Thanks Stroia I will definitely recommend your service to family and friends."

Comments from 1/27/2019

"Keep up the good work and stay positive to all the students that attent driving school. Here in Wyandotte Michigan.Our son doing good and he is going in to secomat Two driving class and we are very please. Thank you for taking your time.and showing all the new driver's that are teenager how to be safe on the roads and to recpect other driver's on the road. God Bless the staff.From:Helfrich Family."

Comments from 1/26/2019

"Our examiner Katie was great. My son took his road test during a sleet storm and road conditions were poor. Katie did a very nice job keeping him at ease during less than ideal conditions."

Comments from 1/24/2019

"The instructor was fantastic! There are many horror stories out there about intimidating instructors and my son's instructor couldn't have been warmer kinder and more encouraging. It made his experience memorable and positive."

Comments from 1/22/2019

"The comments at the end of the test were very helpful"

Comments from 1/19/2019

"Kate was so incredible and helps you feel very confident and her instructions were very clear!"

Comments from 1/16/2019

"The examiner was super friendly."

Comments from 1/10/2019

"Storia Driving School was very good, professional, and thorough. We were recommended by a member of our church for my grandson to take his road test. Initially we registered on-line, and had to change his appointment twice due to a conflict in our scheduling. In both matters the staff was efficient and accommodating. We will be registering my granddaughter soon for classes. Thank you Storia Driving School."

Comments from 1/8/2019

"Awesome class"

Comments from 1/6/2019

"The service and experience with the driving instructor was very strong and informative."

Comments from 1/4/2019

"I did not speak to any office staff, I just filled everything out online which was very convenient."

Comments from 1/4/2019

"I'm so glad we placed our granddaughter at stroia for everything. Thank you all!"

Comments from 1/3/2019

"Highly recommend Stroia. Friendly instructors and the examiner was very thorough. Definitely will be using you for when my son takes he course in a few years."

Comments from 1/1/2019

"Very good school"

Comments from 12/21/2018

"Will recommended to others. Thank you"

Comments from 12/21/2018

"You should list class times on your calendar. Some of us parents need all the help we can get to stay on track with schedules!! Merry Christmas to all of you."

Comments from 12/21/2018

"Lady that assisted me helped me feel confident and better about myself"

Comments from 12/18/2018

"My examiner was very pleasant/friendly, and her instructions were very clear. If I had been overly nervous about the test, her demeanor was such that my nerves would have been eased. Overall I can only think of one negative and that is the office hours, I tried calling the day of my test with a question and the office didn't open until after the exam, if not for that I would rate the overall experience excellent, and I still have to rate it very good. I am quite happy that I chose Stroia and would absolutely recommend you to friends, family, etc."

Comments from 12/18/2018

"This was my 3rd child that took the road test with Storia and my first to take segment 2 with you all. I'm very happy with your service and plan to have my 4th daughter begin segment 1 with you all soon. Thanks for your hard work and convience."

Comments from 12/16/2018

"It was very informative and helpful."

Comments from 12/14/2018

"Katie was very kind and made me feel less nervous."

Comments from 12/13/2018

"My overall experience with Stroia was excellent. Easy online registration and my instructor was excellent and very professional. Who recommended Stroia Driving School to anyone."

Comments from 12/13/2018

"The instructor was great! She made my son feel really comfortable during the test! She gave clear instructions during the road test."

Comments from 12/12/2018

"Wonderful experience with everyone we encountered!"

Comments from 12/8/2018

"Everyone was friendly and helpful with the registration process and the grouping of students in the class. My daughter enjoyed the instructor and felt very comfortable with him."

Comments from 12/8/2018

"The experience my daughter had in stroia was amazing .Thank you"

Comments from 12/6/2018

"All around great."

Comments from 12/4/2018

"My daughter took the test twice (Taylor and Melvindale) both instructors were kind and professional the instructor at the Melvindale site stood out more I don’t remember her name but she is very kind spirited and motivating to young drivers literally the best well done stroia for a excellent staff!"

Comments from 11/28/2018

"The instructor was very kind and upbeat.She made me relax and allowed me to concentrate on my driving"

Comments from 11/23/2018

"Katie was very nice and was very considerate.She helped us out and allowed us to have a great experience."

Comments from 11/23/2018

"I accidentally selected wrong location online and when I called to correct location office was amazing!"

Comments from 11/22/2018

"The Instructor was very detailed and helpful with Nathan. Explained in detail what was expected and how to proceed. Very Professional."

Comments from 11/22/2018

"My grandson thought everyone was so helpful and nice and believe me that is hard to get any reaction out of boys. I felt very well informed every inch of the way. Thank you!"

Comments from 11/21/2018

"My instructor was a little intematating at first but She came around. I give her an A+ as an instructor."

Comments from 11/16/2018

"Our instructor was awesome. He had conversations with my son through the whole driving test. And was very caring and talked about the “whys” of the action that you should take while driving."

Comments from 11/13/2018

"Excellent staff and instruction! We highly recommend Stroia!"

Comments from 11/9/2018

"I would say it was a wonderful experience choosing stroia school of driving"

Comments from 11/8/2018

"the instructor was very helpful went out of her way 4 us"

Comments from 11/8/2018

"The receptionist that answered the phone and the instructor was very polite and friendly. I would recommend Stroia. Great Job! Thanks"

Comments from 11/8/2018

"Very happy with our overall experience, from registering, to the test!"

Comments from 11/7/2018

"The whole experience was good. From the initial classroom experience, all the way through to the driving test was very easy going and pleasant. No stress whatsoever. The instructors were very good, capable and kind. Highly recommend."

Comments from 11/7/2018

"Mr. Ruffner was my teacher, and I think he was great."

Comments from 11/1/2018

"Fran gave clear directions through out the test. She also gave good clear feedback at the end of the test. She was extremely patient as I located our insurance information."

Comments from 11/1/2018

"Would Highly recommend Stroia for teen drivers. Both instructors were amazing with my daughter. Will definitely be signing my son up as soon as he is old enough."

Comments from 11/1/2018

"Thank you for providing quality instruction for my daughter in the class as well as on the road! We will definitely continue with Storia for segement 2 . Thank you, Tracey"

Comments from 10/30/2018

"This is a great school with a great instructor. My son was very pleased with the class. I will send referrals. Thank you very much! "

Comments from 10/30/2018

"Thank you"

Comments from 10/27/2018

"My son said his instructor was very nice and easy to understand. Thank you for making this a great experience for him."

Comments from 10/26/2018

"I appreciate the ease of signing up and paying on line. I also appreciated the checklist so I knew what to do to prepare and what to bring."

Comments from 10/21/2018

"Fran was wonderful"

Comments from 10/19/2018

"Never dealt with office staff but all other service was great. I appreciated the woman (fran) instructor made my daughter a little less anxious than being with a male instructor."

Comments from 10/14/2018

"I will be recommending your school to friends and family."

Comments from 10/13/2018

"Instructor/examiner was gracious and an excellent communicator."

Comments from 10/12/2018

"Nothing negative to say, my experience was perfect and the instructor made me feel confident and comfortable!"

Comments from 10/9/2018

"My son had a great experience! I will definitely be bringing my other son here and recommending Stroia to others!"

Comments from 10/5/2018

"Thank you for making my daughter Olivia’s drivers ed experience great! Lisa stan"

Comments from 10/4/2018

"The instructor who gave the test was excellent. She stayed calm through the test which put my son at ease."

Comments from 10/2/2018

"Katie was great. She explain things, was very patient and friendly. Very happy with the experience, will recommend your services to other."

Comments from 10/2/2018

"I have several friends with kids that will be doing there student driving soon. I will DEFINITELY be recommending the Melvindale location! I thought your instructor was fabulous, very knowledgeable and extremely talented in handling my daughters road test! Thanks for making this testing extremely smooth"

Comments from 9/26/2018

"Great experience my sons driving instructor Fran was very nice and very thorough while giving instructions and straightforward with her expections. She was also very open to any questions we had. I had to answer question #2 on the survey even though I never had any experience with office staff. I did everything online. Maybe a n/a should have been a choice"

Comments from 9/22/2018

"I loved how clear and responsive my examiner was. My examiner had a great attitude, communicative and overall great!"

Comments from 9/19/2018

"Katie was very patient and polite, professional at all times. The tone of her voice made me feel very comfortable. Her instructions was very clear! THANK YOU SO MUCH KATIE YOUR THE BEST !"

Comments from 9/16/2018

"Great experience. Was my first time taking the test so had no idea what to expect. Wasn't as stressful or as intimidating as I thought it was going to be. Instructor was very explicit and very clear in instruction. Instructor was very fair about mistakes and offered very helpful feedback after test to improve driving. Would recommend highly."

Comments from 9/15/2018

"Katie is so accommodating."

Comments from 9/14/2018

"Was nervous but instructor made me feel at ease. Very professional."

Comments from 9/13/2018

"Everything was great"

Comments from 9/13/2018

"Very nice N kind a wonderful experience.friendly and educational I Thankyou very much."

Comments from 9/13/2018

"I PASSED!!!!"

Comments from 9/8/2018

"I was highly satisfied with the lady that was my instructor to the point where it decreased my stress level. She made the experience not as bad as I thought it was going to be and she was friendly and kept the conversation going to the point where I would even go and have a good nice talk with her."

Comments from 9/7/2018

"My daughter said the instructor was very very nice."

Comments from 9/7/2018

"Katie the instructor was excellent for anyone with extreme test taking anxiety. She was very professional but calm."

Comments from 9/5/2018

"i loved my instructor very nice and very easy to talk to and best of all i never once felt nervous with her"

Comments from 8/31/2018

"We had a great experience. The examiner was courteous and friendly. She also gave good feedback."

Comments from 8/28/2018

"I was very nervous at first but my instructor really made me feel at ease. Overall great experience I would definitely recommend this driving school."

Comments from 8/28/2018

"Thank You see you in segment 2 after I log the 30 miles and 3 months"

Comments from 8/25/2018

"We were very happy with our entire experience. Katie, our instrucor, was very good with my daughter, who is a nervous test taker. She explained everything and made her comfortable. Will highly recommend."

Comments from 8/24/2018

"It’s been a great experience with stroia every step of the way. All instructors that my son had were very informative and patient."

Comments from 8/23/2018

"Our instructor was very professional and friendly."

Comments from 8/23/2018

"I was extremely anxious at the start of my test, throughout the course my examiner was social and happy so I was able to adapt fast!"

Comments from 8/22/2018

"Great experience! Great instructor! Will highly recommend your company."

Comments from 8/22/2018

"very easy and convenient. I wish I would have known for Drivers Training 1"

Comments from 8/21/2018

"I appreciated how comprehensive the tester was. She also gave incredible feedback and information moving forward. She was kind and friendly that also put my son at ease during his test. We are so happy with every part of the process with your company."

Comments from 8/21/2018

"Katie was my examiner and she was FANTASTIC! 11/10 for her, she made me feel super comfortable and she was very professional but kind."

Comments from 8/21/2018

"Love stroiaschool"

Comments from 8/18/2018

"Mr.ruffner and mrs Clark were amazing"

Comments from 8/16/2018

"The diving instructor was excellent!"

Comments from 8/16/2018

"Katie was a great Examiner. She made my son feel very comfortable. I liked how detailed she was at the end when she reviewed his results. She not only told him things he could work on but also told him the things she liked and that he should continue to do while driving. I will recommend Stroia to all my friends for the Road Tests."

Comments from 8/16/2018

"She made me feel very comfortable"

Comments from 8/16/2018

"Fran was very kind & helpful. 5/5 stars, I recommend this place ! (:"

Comments from 8/15/2018

"Thank you for the great teaching."

Comments from 8/12/2018

"My examiner was excellent. She was very nice and helpful. She went above and beyond for me."

Comments from 8/10/2018

"Our examiner (I think it was Katie?) was professional and serious and also extremely patient w/ me. I didn't have current registration, she gave me 5 minutes to get a copy (which I did) but she was kind and didn't make me feel like a bad mom for not realizing that it wasn't current. :)"

Comments from 8/10/2018

"This was the second time we used Stroia. This time weather interfered with parking instruction and was not made up throughout the rest of class. Other than that we are pleased with the level of instruction and recommend Stroia to friends."

Comments from 8/9/2018

"Our instructor put my very nervous teen immediately at ease, clear instructions and very pleasant."

Comments from 8/9/2018

"Kelly, from your Melvindale location, was absolutely wonderful! My daughter failed the parking test. This, of course, devastated her. Kelly took a few minutes, spoke to her very kindly offering advice and words of encouragement. Two days later, my daughter retested with zero points off the parking portion and was able to get her license on her birthday like she’s been planning to do all year. Kelly has a great talent in relating to teenagers and I am so thankful my daughter had the opportunity to test with her. I really don’t think too many people would’ve been able to boost my daughter’s confidence like she was able to. Thank you!!!"

Comments from 8/9/2018

"Quick and easy registering and testing. The instructor clearly explained everything very well"

Comments from 8/8/2018

"Thank you"

Comments from 8/7/2018

"The person who gave me my test was very polite and Professional She didn't make it feel Acworth Awesome person to test with made my test so much easier usually driving with so announce makes you feel nervous was not nervous with her at all"

Comments from 8/7/2018

"I've had Fran for both of my kids, she is very clear with her instructions and nice."

Comments from 8/2/2018

"The lady that was my instructor in Melvindale was really nice and calming. She greeted me with kindness and ended the test with good pointers that will help me in the future. Thank you!"

Comments from 8/2/2018

"A very professional at her work yet she made me feel comfortable and not nervous about driving .All in all o give Katie an excellent review ."

Comments from 8/1/2018

"This is the second child I’ve had take the driving test through Stroia. The first one was at the Taylor location and this past one was at the Melvindale location. I was extremely pleased with the instructors at both locations! I have and will continue to highly recommend this school. Thank you"

Comments from 7/31/2018

"Thank you for an excellent experience and for explaining everything so well. We will recommend you to everyone!"

Comments from 7/31/2018

"The instructor was very polite and kind. Would definitely recommend this place"

Comments from 7/31/2018

"Very friendly. Very efficient and safe. Will be using Stroia for my son's driving test as well. Very satisfied overall with Stroia. Highly recommended."

Comments from 7/30/2018

"Katie was my daughters driving instructor. She was very nice. My daughter failed her first attempt at parking and Katie was very sympathetic and gave her tips on what to do to pass the next time. We went back the next day and my daughter passed with flying colors Katie was very complementary and really helped put my daughter at ease. I just thought you should know that Katie was great and she is really good at her job. Thank you and we would recommend Katie."

Comments from 7/27/2018

"The only thing I had a difficult time with is finding the time for my son’s registered class. Also, for segment 2 I didn’t know we had to bring proof of his logged required hours. I don’t remember that being with the instructions in the email—only the pdf document you sent us that said we had to sign and bring. Everything else was easy."

Comments from 7/27/2018

"I was very pleased with our instructor very informative and patient. Definitely will be using them when it is time with my younger daughter."

Comments from 7/24/2018

"Confirmation of appt. Should be sent at least 2 days before appt. Date."

Comments from 7/17/2018

"Professional, gave very clear instructions, efficient...thank you all!"

Comments from 7/15/2018

"Great experience would recommend you all to anyone"

Comments from 7/12/2018

"You could use updated materials, not old VHS videos. And spend more time on talking about texting and driving. my niece did your class in Taylor and they used drunk goggles. she said that really was a good teaching tool."

Comments from 7/8/2018

"During the inspection of our vehicle, the examiner found our left blinker wasn't our surprise! When I asked if we could use Stroias car, she was able to quickly get the paperwork and payment taken care of. Thank goodness that was an option!!"

Comments from 7/6/2018

"My son took his driving test in Melvindale on 7/5/18, our instructor was very knowledgeable about all questions my son and I asked. She went over what was expected before he even started driving so she made our experience extremely comfortable. She kept her voice very clear and calming when she gave the directions while he was driving. I’m looking forward to using this same company and, hopefully, same instructor next year with our daughter."

Comments from 7/6/2018

"Mrs. Clark was awesome to deal with. Highly recommend Stroia to parents looking for drivers ed for their child."

Comments from 7/6/2018

"Great experience!! On the website I received confirmation of scheduling and payment. It would be helpful if on that confirmation was the date and time of the scheduled road test for those of us who don’t write things down right away. I had assumed that it was on the confirmation which I had screen shotted to go back later, but the date and time werent there. It also might be helpful if the confirmation page was emailed so people could go back and look at it. Just some thoughts. Hope this is helpful. By the way.... Al Ruffner is amazing and Katie the road tester was super nice!!"

Comments from 7/4/2018

"Thank you for such a pleasant experience. Had to unexpectedly cancel, the wonderful ladies I spoke with rescheduled us and it was a great experience. I will definitely be recommending your business to friends and family!!"

Comments from 7/4/2018

"she was very professional with my daughter. good experience"

Comments from 7/3/2018

"Our instructor was awesome! She was patient and made my daughter feel very comfortable!"

Comments from 7/3/2018

"The ability to sign up and pay online is extremely convienient and worked great. Fran was our examiner and I felt she did a great job of performing the assessment while keeping the driver calm and focused. I will definitely use your service for my other two daughters when they come of age."

Comments from 7/1/2018

"Katie was real nice. She was real patient with my son and put him at ease. I am glad we chose Stroia."

Comments from 6/29/2018

"Lily had a wonderful experience with stroia. It was very informative and really helped her become a great driver. Thank you!"

Comments from 6/29/2018

"Instructor was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Place is very accommodating. Great overall"

Comments from 6/29/2018

"Friendly, clear, confident in fair process."

Comments from 6/28/2018

"Katie was a really great examiner. She was very kind, polite, and encouraging. She explained directions and such clearly, and made me feel at ease during the test."

Comments from 6/27/2018

"Katie is an angel!!!!!!!! She is so understanding . Loved her !!!!!"

Comments from 6/26/2018

"my daughter had a wonderful experience at stroia. She wouldn't have passed the parking segment with an extra class she had taken at the school. She was very nervous, but with the help of the classes she passed her driving test the very first time."

Comments from 6/26/2018

"We have already recommended Stroia to many of our friends. The staff and teachers are great. It was a safe environment for my child to learn drivers training. I trust she has learned the necessary skills to succeed on the road."

Comments from 6/26/2018

"Excellent !!!"

Comments from 6/25/2018

"Excellent instructor I would recommend them to everyone"

Comments from 6/25/2018

"I really love how kind and understanding my instructor and examiner were."

Comments from 6/24/2018

"We were very happy with Stroia for our first child and were just as pleased this time."

Comments from 6/23/2018

"Website needs work if I scheduled a driver's test and need to change it I could not find a way to reschedule"

Comments from 6/23/2018

"The instructor was very friendly and put my son at ease. Thank You! Will recommend Stroia to friends."

Comments from 6/19/2018

"Really good and quick, only thing was when I walked up to the car to sign in , I was greeted with a hi or how are you I was greeted with what are you doing here have ever even riden a motorcycle."

Comments from 6/18/2018

"Thank you for the timely manner and interaction with the instructors!"

Comments from 6/17/2018

"Thank you so much. My son said the examiner was very polite and when he asked a question she would answer it and it was a great experience we already told 2 family members that tgeir daughters should use your company for the road test. Thank you"

Comments from 6/14/2018

"I had a good experience, the instructor was very clear with instructions."

Comments from 6/13/2018

"Both classroom and driving instructor was awesome!!"

Comments from 6/9/2018

"It was a nice experience to see my daughter go through the process of getting her license through Stroia."

Comments from 6/1/2018

"Thank you for being so kind, and helpful."

Comments from 5/31/2018

"Was rained out once and unable to make the next class. The staff was excellent in allowing me a date that was good for my schedule. My instructor was firm but fair and very easy to talk to and ask questions . I couldn’t have asked for a better service"

Comments from 5/27/2018

"My daughter enjoy her experience learning on the road.Her instructor very patient and accessible.I'm really pleased and thankful because she is very special about the people surrounding her .we'll be back for her segment 2 in a couple months.Thank you great experience for my daughter."

Comments from 5/26/2018

"My son registered online and took his road test with you. He said that everything went easy with registration and that the instructor was nice and that he’d recommend your company."

Comments from 5/24/2018

"Every step of the process was easy. Learning was comprehensive and prepared my daughter to be a confident driver. Katie was great at keeping my daughter calm and provided words of encouragement before, during, and after the road tests. We were very pleased with our experience with the program!"

Comments from 5/22/2018

"I'm so thankful for the easy and convenient way I was able to take my drive's test,the instructor was so easy to understand and friendly! I highly recommend your service's!"

Comments from 5/22/2018

"Both my kids went to Stroia. Excellent school."

Comments from 5/19/2018

"Your instructor even stayed late to help my daughter with parking. Was impressed with his help and dedication. I will be setting up her test drive soon. We want to get a little more practice in first. Thank you for everything!"

Comments from 5/17/2018

"All 4 of my girls have gone through your program! Excellent service every time !"

Comments from 5/17/2018

"We took our son to the Melivindale location. The instructor was very calming and very fair. Even though my son didn't pass the first time around, she was very clear about the mistakes he'd made and was encouraging and educating. He successfully passed his second test."

Comments from 5/14/2018

"Nadine is an EXCELLENT instructor. She has the patience of a saint and she makes the class fun for the kids"

Comments from 5/13/2018

"Mrs. Clark was the best! I learned so much from her!"

Comments from 5/12/2018

"Mrs Clark was a fabulous teacher. She really took the time to make sure I learned to be a safe driver."

Comments from 5/12/2018

"Excellent Examiner!"

Comments from 5/10/2018

"The lady who did my sons driving test was very pleasant and very professional. "

Comments from 5/9/2018

"The instructor was very friendly and understanding!"

Comments from 5/6/2018

"My instructor was very professional. She was polite and courteous."

Comments from 5/5/2018

"Tester was very professional and explained process before starting to put tester at ease."

Comments from 5/3/2018

"The instructor was vet pleant and infromative and made our daughter feel very comfortable whule driving, we would recommend storia to our freinds and family"

Comments from 5/3/2018

"Id recommend you to anyone!"

Comments from 5/2/2018

"It was a very thorough/ complete road test! We appreciated the feedback/ suggestions received."

Comments from 5/2/2018

"The instructor Craig, was great. He made my daughter feel very comfortable and at ease by explaining everything she would be doing."

Comments from 5/2/2018

"Mrs Katie was great. Eased my sons nerves. She has the perfect directions voice, so calm & Could be Siri. I would defiantly recommend Stroia to others! Happy customer!!"

Comments from 5/1/2018

"Craig was calm, kind and informative. I had a very good experience taking my road test."

Comments from 5/1/2018

"GOOD People, Thank You!!"

Comments from 4/30/2018

"What a smooth, quick experience! Signed up online on Monday, scheduled for Wednesday. Instructor was professional and friendly."

Comments from 4/26/2018

"My son enjoyed everything about the class"

Comments from 4/26/2018

"First experience with Stroia Driving School. Will definitely send my younger son through the program in 2 years."

Comments from 4/23/2018

"Registering was simple. The instructor (Katie) was very professional, very clear in her instructions, and provided excellent feedback afterwards. She was also very nice!"

Comments from 4/20/2018

"Great experience and learning with my boys. Francie was excellent. So accomidating and professional."

Comments from 4/20/2018

"My son has taken segment 1 & 2 with storia. Both times there have been reschedule and possible reschedules with the instructor. The last class was only 5 1/2 total hours and he had said he might have to cancel a class for track! That is unacceptable. We rearranged our schedule with work and sports to make the classes the instructors should have the same respect for the people paying to be there. We will NOT be taking the driving test with stroia."

Comments from 4/20/2018

"Thanks for your attention to my particular needs."

Comments from 4/18/2018

"Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. She was a very nice lady who was very good with patience and her instructions."

Comments from 4/18/2018

"The instructor was AMAZING!!"

Comments from 4/16/2018

"Katie was my daughters road test instructor at the Melvindale location. She was very pleasant and personable while at the same time being very serious and informative about her job. My daughter was of course nervous for the test and Katie helped put her at ease. I would definitely recommend her for your kids road test."

Comments from 4/14/2018

"Awesome people running the school my son loved it thanks again"

Comments from 4/14/2018

"Very pleased with experience. Mrs. Clark is an excellent instructor who takes her job seriously and takes pride in what she does. Would recommend to my friends. We will be back Thank you"

Comments from 4/14/2018

"I’ve used Stroia for both of my children’s road tests. The examiner for this test was wonderful. She made my son feel at ease and he was extremely nervous. She was very professional but personable as well. I will recommend you to anyone."

Comments from 4/6/2018

"I will recommend Stroia to my friends and family."

Comments from 4/6/2018

"My son was in a group of 3 drivers one of which had zero experience driving and needed a lot of practice. I really like how the instructor had him drive last without the other two boys in the car so he could get him up to speed with his skill level and not put our other two boys at unnecessary risk. The boy ended up driving with the other two (my son included) and showed a lot of improvement without scaring the life out of him lol. Thank you for putting safety first and making good judgements."

Comments from 3/31/2018

"Nice instructor my son really like the structure and patient"

Comments from 3/30/2018

"The instructor (Katie) was amazing, she made my daughter and myself feel very at ease while my daughter texted. I also brought a friend of ours for his road test and he said he felt she was great. She was wonderful at making the kids feel confident and comfortable. I'm happy to say both the kids passed and I love the way Katie explained everything to them. Thank you for have such an amazing instructor!!"

Comments from 3/30/2018

"Everyone I encountered here was SO patient and accommodating! I HIGHLY recommend Stroia School of Driving!!"

Comments from 3/27/2018

"My daughter's examiner was wonderful. She had a very calming nature which kept her at ease throughout the test. Please tell Katie thank you"

Comments from 3/27/2018

"Great instructors and thorough information given. I feel confident in sending my daughter out on the road! Great school!"

Comments from 3/23/2018

"Staff is extremely professional and friendly. Craig, the instructor, and Katy, the tester, both eased my daughter’s nerves and made it a pleasant experience."

Comments from 3/21/2018

"Stroia is also where I had my drivers ed classes and I had a great experience over all, and my test examiner couldn't have been nicer and I'm glad I got to know her even though our time was short"

Comments from 3/16/2018

"My son’s instructor (wish I could remember her name) was very pleasant and explained everything clearly. She made my son feel very comfortable during his driving test. I will recommend Stroia to my friends."

Comments from 3/16/2018

"Stroia School of Driving is simply amazing; it is defined by great staff and great lessons!"

Comments from 3/15/2018

"The driver instructor was very friendly and that calmed my nerves."

Comments from 3/15/2018

"The instructor was fabulous. She was helpful and positive and that helped my daughter turn what was a possibly stressful experience into something uplifting."

Comments from 3/15/2018

"Everything worked out, thank you for the pleasant experience my son had."

Comments from 3/14/2018

"Awesome job on everything. Keep up the awesome job you all are doing."

Comments from 3/13/2018

"Fran did a good job testing my daughter. The instructions were clear and she really knows the road Condition i.e. which on coming road lane is close or open. Safety was the priority. Fran is an awesome examiner and I am glad my daughter had her. Keep up the good work! "

Comments from 3/10/2018

"I truly regret I can remember the Examiner's name - my son's test was 3-6-18 at 3:15 pm. She was wonderful - helped him relax and gave him great feed back after the test. I regret now not using Storia for his instruction. I will be enrolling my younger son with Storia for driver ed."

Comments from 3/7/2018

"The examiner was very professional as well as clear in her directions to my daughter. I am very pleased with the experience we had."

Comments from 3/7/2018

"Mr Swearingen was an excellent driving instructor- very helpful and patient and kind"

Comments from 3/4/2018

"Instructor was very straightforward and helpful had a good time."

Comments from 3/2/2018

"The instructor for the road test at first came off cold and rude. Which made my daughter more nervous. Once the testing started she seemed nicer as time went on. By the end my daughter was fine and said she liked her after all."

Comments from 3/1/2018

"The examiner was amazing and so down to earth. Definitely will recommend this place!!"

Comments from 2/28/2018

"It’s my awesome experience it was excellent and the examiner was very nice thank you"

Comments from 2/28/2018

"From Greeting to conclusion Katie was the consummate professional. Having put three children through driver's Ed and the dreaded road test, THIS was the experience every parent dreams of. Very impressed. I'm thinking of having a few more children just so they can experience their driver's test with Katie. I shall spread the word!"

Comments from 2/24/2018

"I was really nervous going into my road test but my examiner was really nice it made me feel better and was easy for me to feel comfortable with her."

Comments from 2/17/2018

"Is a good place to take your driving lessons"

Comments from 2/13/2018

"My instructor helped teach me and was really nice"

Comments from 2/9/2018

"The instructor was awesome."

Comments from 2/6/2018

"I’m 23 and have been putting off taking the road test for years due to my fear of driving. The examiner I had put all my fears at ease and was extremely calming and reassuring. She was very friendly and made the experience very positive for me. I don’t remember her name but she was a younger woman and deserves to be recognized for her great work. I also took a couple of private lessons with Chuck, who was also amazing. He did a fanatasic job of helping me master the portion of the exam and giving me extra confidence on the road. thank you Stroia school of driving for helping me finally get my license !"

Comments from 2/6/2018

"I was really impressed with the instructors honesty my son lost $20 once when he was driving and the instructor called us to make sure he got them back"

Comments from 2/4/2018

"Katie was an excellent instructor. She gave clear directions and made me feel less nervous while taking my road test."

Comments from 2/2/2018

"Very easy process"

Comments from 1/28/2018

"Overall the school was very cooperative and understanding. Would recommend to anyone looking to take their driving classes."

Comments from 1/28/2018

"This is our 3rd child that has taken the skills and road test thru Storia. All good comments "

Comments from 1/26/2018

"Great school. Both my children attended for drivers training and I would recommend you to others."

Comments from 1/26/2018

"My daughter Emma and i, couldn’t have been more pleased with Katie yesterday at Melvindale location. Very professional, pleasant, accommodating to whatever we needed to make a very stressful 15 year old at ease."

Comments from 1/24/2018

"They were very professional, explained the steps clearly, and patiently"

Comments from 1/24/2018

"Craig is very friendly social and outgoing, I can tell he takes pride in his job and cares immensely about the safety of every new driver."

Comments from 1/23/2018

"It was awesome"

Comments from 1/19/2018

"Examiner was very polite and waiting for us to start. Had a great experience thank you"

Comments from 1/14/2018

"Thank you for the great assistance!"

Comments from 1/12/2018

"Thank you for the great assistance!"

Comments from 1/12/2018

"All 3 of my daughters have gone through Stroia's Driving school and they each have had a wonderful experience with the instructors."

Comments from 1/9/2018

"Katie at the Melvindale location was very friendly and helpful. She did an excellent job while conducting the road test with my son. I highly recommend this location."

Comments from 12/29/2017

"Fran was fantastic!!"

Comments from 12/23/2017

"I am highly impressed. God bless your faithfulness."

Comments from 12/22/2017

"The instructor was very good. She was calming at first and very clear on her instructions during the testing. I have been recommending Stroia to all my daughters friends."

Comments from 12/22/2017

"I met with Fran in the parking lot got my paperwork together she was very professional and courteous told me what she expected of me I told her what I could do we did the test and I think I did very well I hope I don't have to use you in the future but if I do have to use I'm going to use you guys thank you MC law"

Comments from 12/21/2017

"See you for segment 2 soon"

Comments from 12/17/2017

"Our examiner was patient and polite. She did an excellent job coaching my daughter after her examination and really put her at ease at the beginning of the examination. I would recommend over the other testing site in Southgate. Thank you"

Comments from 12/17/2017

"Excellent instructor! Understanding and very nice. Professional and compassionate. She is very patient. I will be recommending friends and family"

Comments from 12/15/2017

"Instructor was great! Pleasant, calm, answered all questions. Made us feel a lot less nervous about the road test."

Comments from 12/12/2017

"The testing instructor was absolutely awesome!!!! She was So calm and patient and made us feel at ease!!!! We tested on 12-11 at the Taylor location"

Comments from 12/12/2017

"Fun experience"

Comments from 12/9/2017

"Katie made my son feel very comfortable. She was very nice and spoke positively which was encouraging. Even when the test was over and she made recommendations on what my son should do to improve his driving skills she was talking to him in a positive attitude. Driving during his test was the first time that my son had driven in the snow, and Katie assured him that the roads weren't slick but to proceed with caution. She spoke up to my son and not down. Very professional and highly recommended by my son to his friends."

Comments from 12/8/2017

"100% in my book! Y’all run a wonderful school!"

Comments from 12/8/2017

"Great experience for my Daugther she was very comfortable and enjoyed all the instructors throughout the entire process. I'm looking forward for my son to began his journey with your driving school."

Comments from 12/8/2017

"Examiner was very thorough."

Comments from 12/8/2017

"I just wish my kid would’ve passed the test but overall she loved drivers ed and she loved her teacher."

Comments from 12/8/2017

"She didn't seem very friendly at first, in fact she never even introduced herself. Other than that, she did her job and made my son feel comfortable during the whole test. Thank you Storia!"

Comments from 12/7/2017

"Examiner Fran was very helpful."

Comments from 12/7/2017

"The driver test instructor in Melvindale was super. Very good instructions and made my son feel very comfortable. She was very good at explaining the proper technique and situations. Thanks. John."

Comments from 12/2/2017

"This was my second daughter who used your school and both times were great."

Comments from 12/1/2017

"We had a great experience. Would recommend Stroia to all our friends."

Comments from 12/1/2017

"Registering online was fast and easy. We arrived a few minutes early and was greeted right away by our instructor Katie. Katie was very friendly and informative. Overall we had a very positive experience with Stroia and I will recommend it to anyone!!"

Comments from 12/1/2017

"I would use the company and tell everybody that needs to take a driving test all about you and in driving instructor was very nice polite and very well business I do appreciate it and you guys are very good to my daughter the lady was very kind and very willing to work with her and educator on a lot of things that she needed I do appreciate it and thank you very much"

Comments from 12/1/2017

"It is my third time to have taken a driver skills test and my first time to have tried a refresher course. I must say Stroia is spot on in providing practical tips and making it sound so easy. The examiner was not intimidating and made the overall experience great. Will definitely recommend it to whoever needs a test or a training. All the best!"

Comments from 12/1/2017

"Although my son failed the test 2 times before he even hit the road we had a great experience. Katie, the instructor, was very fair. Third time was a charm and he passed the parking with flying colors. After the road test Katie sat with us to explain where points were accumulative but she was also encouraging and positive about his strengths. As a parent knowing he earned passing the test gives me piece of mind with him driving on his own. Thank you."

Comments from 11/30/2017

"The only thing is taking all three classes seg 1. &2 and driving testing should have gotten some type of discount"

Comments from 11/26/2017

"As an older learner (and a Brit) I was quite apprehensive about learning to drive. Craig put me at ease instantly and I ended up having an excellent experience. After several lessons, I felt prepared to take my test and I passed first time, much to my relief. My examiner was clear and concise in her instructions and did her best to put me at ease during the test. Thank you so much Stroia for providing a friendly and professional service."

Comments from 11/22/2017

"Looking forward to put my daughter in segment one there❤️"

Comments from 11/20/2017

"My son said the instructor spent 15 minutes telling him every little thing he did incorrectly before telling him that he passed. He said it made him nervous but he really appreciated the extra pointers and I think it'll help him be a better driver. I like that the tester took the extra time to teach him and didn't just do a pass/fail. Seems like you guys are tough but fair. I like that. Also, the Website made it easy to sign up. Thanks!"

Comments from 11/19/2017

"Katie was fantastic! She was very calm and eased my daughters nervousness about taking the skills test. She provided clear expectations and directions during her exam. At the end, she reviewed her mistakes and provided rationale for the corrections. I’ll be recommending Katie to our friends whose kids will be needing drivers testing!"

Comments from 11/17/2017

"I was very nervous for my test but my instructor was very calm,patient,and nice which made me more relaxed and making taking the test pretty easy"

Comments from 11/17/2017

"This is a very good driving school. The instructors are professional and prompt. My son really enjoyed drivers training."

Comments from 11/17/2017

"We will be returning with child #2 this summer! Thank you for a job well done."

Comments from 11/15/2017

"Great experience. My boys both went through the school."

Comments from 11/14/2017

"will refer others"

Comments from 11/12/2017

"I forget her name but the instructor at the Melvindale location is AMAZING!!! She explained everything so well and also helped me along knowing I was nervous. She was so easy to talk to and it almost felt like having a friend in my car."

Comments from 11/8/2017

"Thought the whole process was great."

Comments from 11/7/2017

"Examiner was very professional, clear, and concise describing what should and should not be done when performing the parking lot maneuvers. The road test was directed just as well."

Comments from 11/2/2017

"Very professional and thorough."

Comments from 10/31/2017

"I had a really good experience, i loved mrs.clarke and mr. ruffner and my examiner was relly good and nice. I would recommend stroia to other new drivers"

Comments from 10/31/2017

"Great teaching school and great staff."

Comments from 10/28/2017

"Instructors are excellent"

Comments from 10/23/2017

"Instructor and examiner are great at what they do. Thanks for teaching Coiln"

Comments from 10/23/2017

"Kate was very understanding, I enjoyed working with her!"

Comments from 10/20/2017

"Kate was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly!"

Comments from 10/20/2017

"Instructor went beyond limits to meeting expectations"

Comments from 10/20/2017

"The instructor appeared experienced and knowledgeable about testing my son. I was appreciative how well she assisted over the phone. My son stated he had a good experience as well."

Comments from 10/13/2017

"We had a unicorn of a test instructor! She was great!"

Comments from 10/13/2017

"My son took his driving test on 10/12/17 in Melvidale, his instructor was Kate. She was absolutely fantastic. She was relaxed, helpful, friendly and patient. I will be recommending Stroia to his friends parents."

Comments from 10/13/2017

"Was treated with respect. Instructor made me feel at ease."

Comments from 10/13/2017

"Fran was very professional and nice during the test. She gave positive feedback and advice on areas for improvement. Would 10/10 recommend to others."

Comments from 10/11/2017

"My daughter learned so much from Mrs. Clark at the Taylor school. She had a good time there."

Comments from 10/9/2017

"Katie @ Melvindale location was amazing. She is a great examiner, provides instructions on time and provides great feedback at the end of the exam. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends"

Comments from 10/9/2017

"Loved that I could book the appointment online, so convenient. Appreciated the reminder phone call. Katie was my daughter's examiner - she is EXCELLENT!! She explained everything that was going to happen before we began in a very clear and concise manner. Her voice and demeanor during the exam were calm and reassuring. At the end, her comments and advice were thoughtful and supportive. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you!"

Comments from 10/7/2017

"Driving instructor is experience ever thank you"

Comments from 10/2/2017

"Great instructor explained everything clearly and made the test very understanding."

Comments from 10/1/2017

"Mrs. Clark made my daughter very comfortable, eased her fears and anxieties. Thank you very much."

Comments from 10/1/2017

"My son really enjoyed his segment 2 instructor at the Taylor location. The staff that answered the phone when I had a scheduling issue was very helpful."

Comments from 9/22/2017

"I loved the experience"

Comments from 9/21/2017

"Examiner was super nice"

Comments from 9/21/2017

"THje instructor was excellent, really did a great job of keeping the atmosphere relaxing. She spoke in a calming voice and answered every question I had about what was going on and never change her tone. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to take a driving test. Thanks for the great experience"

Comments from 9/20/2017

"I was extremely nervous for my road test but my proctor made everything so easy going and I just felt like I was driving a friend around! I was able to pass my test without getting nervous about being watched. My proctor was also extremely professional and made sure I understood everything I needed to know."

Comments from 9/20/2017

"Amazing instructor!!!"

Comments from 9/14/2017

"Instructor was very concise and clear when giving instructions, and in advance Already recommended to two other parents "

Comments from 9/14/2017

"The lady I had as my instructor told me to go on the white line at a intersection even though I read that you should always be behind the white line. she told me that the intersection light has a sensor that will only change the light if your car is right up to the line. Long story short, she marked me down for not going up to the line even though the rule book states that you should be behind the white line not over. She also marked me down for turning at the flashing red light at the intersection even though traffic was clear. I read that at a flashing red light you could make the turn once it was safe to do so, you just had to stop beforehand. I feel that my test was wrongfully terminated. I hope to at least be able to retake the exam at a reduced price. I liked my first examiner at your school better."

Comments from 9/13/2017

"Mr. Ruffner was the best Was the best instructor I could ever have. Thanks mr. Ruffner."

Comments from 8/26/2017

"Well organized very nice staff"

Comments from 8/25/2017

"My daughter received good instruction in class and on the road. Communication was excellent between us and the staff."

Comments from 8/19/2017

"The Secretary of the Office is the best in making Your experience with bringing Your Child in to get their Licence and always willing to help out with any questions...This is my Second Child going through the School and I'm always happy when I come in and see Her ..Thank You."

Comments from 8/18/2017

"I wish the website will tell you how long each classes like how many weeks ."

Comments from 7/31/2017

"Our eldest daughter went through your program and is an excellent driver. It made it very easy to send our youngest daughter through as well. We always recommend your business to other parents. Thank you for all the extra drive time our daughter received!"

Comments from 7/29/2017

"It wasn't conveyed online that there would be weekend driving times. The instructor was a bit flexible so that was a appreciated, it would have been good to be aware of the extra driving time. Thank you"

Comments from 7/21/2017

"My son had nothing but good things to say about his instructor and the experience of taking driver's ed with Stroia. I feel more comfortable with him behind the wheel due to the attention and constructive criticism that he was given in regards to his driving and he continues to remind his self of the suggestions given by his instructor to become a safe and responsible licensed driver. Thank you for making his experience one that he will take with him into adulthood and further."

Comments from 7/20/2017

"my driving instructor was straight to the point and very helpful by telling me what I need to work on and what I did well in during the test!"

Comments from 7/18/2017

"My instructor was very nice and patient with me which allowed me to pass thank you !"

Comments from 7/17/2017

"My daughter did not pass the driving test. The instructor was accommodating and respectful to me and my daughter. Felt that the instructor could of explained to my daughter what she should have done in more detail that resulted in an automatic test fail. My daughter was surprised because she had done everything else right based on the instructors feedback."

Comments from 7/16/2017

"Very pleased with the person who did the driving skills test. Will recommend Your school to other parents/students"

Comments from 7/15/2017

"Thankyou for another great experience"

Comments from 7/13/2017

"T love this place this is my 2nd child here but I didn't like the fact that the instructor called late night on a Saturday night to schedule for a Sunday to go drive. I feel like that was a issue cause it was the weekend and he didn't know what my plans were for me or my family and that should've been directed to the parent not the child other than that no problems."

Comments from 7/13/2017

"Thank you!"

Comments from 7/9/2017

"The examiner was very thorough and direct in her dealing with my son. It was a very good experience."

Comments from 7/5/2017

"The driving instructor made my son feel so comfortable. He loved your school. The rest of my kids will definitely be coming here."

Comments from 7/2/2017

"Mr. Swearingen was very helpful and gave positive feedback. My son felt very comfortable driving with him:)"

Comments from 6/30/2017


Comments from 6/25/2017

"We ended up having to come twice and we had Fran the first Time and she was amazing. Then when we came back I believe we had chad and he was also amazing, such a great staff. The kids are already nérvous when they arrive and the staff is so great to ease the nerves a bit."

Comments from 6/22/2017

"The lady that was my daughters instructor was wonderful! I would refer this place to anyone !"

Comments from 6/22/2017

"Seg 2 instructor took time after class to help with parking practice for anyone who wanted."

Comments from 6/22/2017

"The instructor was very nice and respectful"

Comments from 6/17/2017

"I will definitely recommend your school and my younger child will go through your school. The instructor couldn't have been better. Very informative-"

Comments from 6/16/2017

"I had the best instructors of all"

Comments from 6/15/2017

"Driving instructor,she was great an professional also the girl who answered was great an very easy to talk with would recommend u guys to anyone"

Comments from 6/15/2017

"The driving instructor was a lil anal but very cordial, only complaint is don't grab the wheel from an experienced driver almost punched her. Over all experience was good"

Comments from 6/15/2017

"Excellent staff the ladies were awesome and did a great job explaining everything thank you!!!!"

Comments from 6/15/2017

"We have no complaints. Everyone was nice and very professional. Thank you!! Kim"

Comments from 5/22/2017

"Awesome learning experience.....Thank YOU!!"

Comments from 5/20/2017

"It was close to home. The Instructor went over everything slowly, clearly and twice. I had a very nice and Calm experience. Thankyou for being their when I needed you. I will refer to other people. Thankyou"

Comments from 5/20/2017

"Everyone nice and my daughter said they helped her do good job on test."

Comments from 5/20/2017

"Loved them when I had Mr. Stroias gym class. Loved them back in '04 when I had drivers training and loved them two weeks ago when I got my cycle endorsement. The only driving class I'll ever recommend."

Comments from 5/20/2017

"A very comfortable and stress free experience."

Comments from 5/20/2017

"Great driving school all around."

Comments from 5/20/2017

"Instructor was prompt everyday, very professional and patient with the students. I will be sending my son back to Stroia for segment 2."

Comments from 5/19/2017

"One day when we went to your parking practice area we had a few questions and one of your instructors was there and kind enough to take a few minutes to answer our questions and give us a few tips. My daughter passed the drivers test easily because of his help, she practiced the tips he told her. I was a great experience for her and she will get her license the day she turns Sweet 16.. Thank you!!"

Comments from 5/6/2017

"Thanks for being so accommodating"

Comments from 5/5/2017

"The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and able to express his experience clearly and professionally. "

Comments from 5/5/2017

"The lady could smile more. No complaints though. She was pleasant."

Comments from 5/5/2017

"The examiner was very relaxed with my daughter and put her at ease. He was efficient and explained every part of the test and any corrections she will need to make in the future."

Comments from 5/4/2017

"Thank you so much my son was super happy to complete the first course with ur company"

Comments from 4/26/2017

"The Wyandotte office I called was very nice and informative of what was required of me."

Comments from 4/23/2017

"Excellent customer service, all my grandkids have taken their training with Stroia. Great Job!!!"

Comments from 4/20/2017

"Service was fine. Not overly friendly but not stoic either."

Comments from 4/20/2017

"Ron is the greatest"

Comments from 4/18/2017

"Took the road test with Craig. He was awesome."

Comments from 4/13/2017

"Would have made a lot more sense to set up appointments or at least break into two groups instead of having everyone show up at 1:15 and wait for 2 hours for everyone to complete test. Great staff, thanks for helping me get my endorsement! "

Comments from 4/12/2017

"I'm a repeat customer. Both times the staff was very professional and friendly."

Comments from 4/1/2017

"Chuck was great! I wouldn't have passed the first part of the driver's test of parking if it wasn't for him. He had a lot of patience and explained things perfectly. I would recommend Stroia for anyone teenager or adult who needs to get their driver's license."

Comments from 3/31/2017

"The driving instructor helped me to feel at ease while driving."

Comments from 3/30/2017

"My question via email was answered completely and within a short amount of time. We were very happy with our experience"

Comments from 3/30/2017

"Mr Ruffner was awesome with our daughter, I love that he met with each of the parents to discuss the students progress. My daughter loved him!"

Comments from 3/29/2017

"Ms. Clark has taught all 3 of our kids to drive and she is wonderful!"

Comments from 3/29/2017

"My daughter had the best instructor mr ruffner. She said he was great! Knowledgeable and very brace to drive with 3 teenage girls. Thanks!!"

Comments from 3/28/2017

"Mrs Clark was great. Thank you"

Comments from 3/28/2017

"Mr. Runner is an excellent instructor! Went above and beyond! We feel our daughter is well prepared. Thank you!"

Comments from 3/28/2017

"I had two young adults take the training and they both had a very good experience. I registered via Web, but also called and emailed due to making a change and received quick responses each time."

Comments from 3/16/2017

"This is the place to go"

Comments from 3/9/2017

"I used right turn for my daughter but Stroia for my son. I like Stroia better"

Comments from 3/9/2017

"I just wanted to note that upon registration online I wanted to pay the $150 down, since this was an option but online it was not. It would be nice if it allowed the option and then ofcourse the rest of the balance would have been paid in the office 2 weeks later, as I get paid bi-wkly, it would have allowed more cushion. It was offered at the school though, but I felt the need to register her. My daughter liked the instructor which was a plus, however the instructor did not show once or twice and he needed to reschedule driving hours. I would have wanted them to have more driving hours and practice with the instructor. Thank You"

Comments from 3/6/2017

"Overall good experience. Thought the instructor could of been a little more cordial. Was satisfied overall"

Comments from 2/28/2017

"I would highly recommend this program!"

Comments from 2/17/2017

"My instructor was great !"

Comments from 2/16/2017

"Well at first the lady seemed a lil mean but I just figured she was doing her job. She passed so I had a good experience."

Comments from 2/14/2017

"Very professional company. Very friendly experience. Highly recommend!"

Comments from 2/14/2017


Comments from 2/2/2017

"I had both my kids in segment 1 at same time. They LOVED Mr. Ruffner!!! He made them feel so comfortable behind the wheel. He offered encouragement and feedback to them and me. When we come back for segment 2, they definitely want to be taught by Mr. Ruffner again. He was wonderful!!"

Comments from 1/26/2017

"The examiner was excellent and kind, which helped set a nervous, young driver at ease. He offered excellent tips after completion, of things he thought still needed improvement. Obviously, his goal is driver safety, not simply numbers. I wish my daughter had taken the course through Stroia, rather than just the exam. Highly recommend! P.S. Testing conditions were horrible, with dense fog. Instructor calmly assisted driver in anticipating lights, driveway, etc."

Comments from 1/26/2017

"The instructor was amazing."

Comments from 1/26/2017

"Nicholas enjoyed his teacher, Mr Swearengine (something like that). His mother states that when she tries to correct Nicholas his response is, "This is what my teacher told me to do. Nicholas appeared to have a good experience and is prepared with the basics as he prepares to gain more driving experience."

Comments from 1/16/2017

"When I called the office the woman on the other end of the line was very courteous, and always willing to try to accommodate me, although I had to cancel, and reschedule twice. She was very polite. My son thought the class was good, and the road test went well. We thank you very much for your kindness and consideration in getting this done."

Comments from 1/4/2017

"The location of the driving test was slightly confusing; however the test administrator was excellent! I would confidently recommend this test service."

Comments from 12/31/2016

"Great experience"

Comments from 12/30/2016

"Fantastic Instructor!"

Comments from 12/28/2016

"The examiner was very nice and helped calmed my nervousness."

Comments from 12/25/2016

"Mr.Ruffner was absolutely great. I learned more with him than I did in segment one. He's very polite and knowledgable about driving. He helped me with being nervous on the road and now I'm not anymore. He's a great teacher :)."

Comments from 12/23/2016

"Very friendly, and easily accommodating to my hectic schedule, and helping make up time missed for my child. Will be recommending and using again. Thanks you."

Comments from 12/22/2016

"My instructor was extremely professional nice and just a down-to-earth person he gave me good feedback on what must work on without making you feel bad but make you want to improve to do better would give it A 10 out of 10 it was awesome experience thank you Stroia"

Comments from 12/22/2016

"The examiner was very nice and polite. After passing test, he also advised me some of my disadvantages that I should improve in the future."

Comments from 12/14/2016

"Excellent Customer Service and Commitment!!!"

Comments from 12/10/2016

"Stroia is a really good driving school, and teaches you a lot about driving. The Instructors were friendly, and the overall experience of Segment 1, 2, and the Road Test, was incredible."

Comments from 11/29/2016

"Very pleased with my experience , learned things I didn't know"

Comments from 11/10/2016

"All 3 of my children attended your driving school. Would recommend you to others"

Comments from 11/7/2016

"I had a great experience with Stroia, and I will recommend them to anyone who still needs to take their road test!"

Comments from 11/7/2016

"The instructor was very thorough and gave clear and concise directions. He was also receptive of any questions and explained all that was asked. We used the car provided by Stroia and all operations of the vehicle were explained as well. The auto was in good shape and clean. A very good experience overall."

Comments from 11/2/2016

"Test provider was awsome answerd all my questions and explained the test flawlessly"

Comments from 10/31/2016

"Very good program and experience for my son who was nervous prior to the class, the material was presented in a manner that kept their attention, the driving instructor was encouraging and patient and helpful which made for a fantastic experience. He is very prepared now for driving! We have heard not the best experiences from other lical driving schools so we can not say enough great things about Stroia, we will see you for session II. Thank you"

Comments from 10/31/2016

"I am very happy I took my road test at Stroia because the staff was very helpful and accomodating when I was trying to schedule my test. I took the test 2 times but they were still very professional. Craig, my examiner was very professional and explained to me where I made my mistakes and how to improve my driving. I highly recommend this driving school to everybody b"

Comments from 10/28/2016

"I spoke with Lou Ann and Barbara on the phone both were great to talk to and my instructor Francis was awesome as well.. Keep up the great work!"

Comments from 10/25/2016

"Thank you. I was so happy with my daughter's test. The instructor was very helpful with feed back."

Comments from 10/18/2016

"Explained everything in detail, and all expectations were known in order to pass the exam. Thanks"

Comments from 10/12/2016

"Good experience."

Comments from 10/12/2016

"Staff was courteous and friendly"

Comments from 10/11/2016

"Fran was awesome!"

Comments from 10/11/2016

"Everything went as well as expected. I guess you get what you pay for. I actually had email dialog directly with your staff (why I rated excellent) at the office which is nice because I had questions leading up to each segment. I used website to book after I emailed but herer was not issues at all there either. Worked fine. I am"

Comments from 10/11/2016

"Mr.Chuck and Mr.Stroia we're excellent instructors !"

Comments from 10/11/2016

"The examiner was friendly and professional. He explained everything that was expected of my son in detail and made it so my son wasn't so nervous."

Comments from 10/4/2016

"The instructor is wonderful. Deserves a raise."

Comments from 10/4/2016

"My experience was great i was so nervous i thought the lady had a scary voice. lol But in general i am thankful she give me my Certificate."

Comments from 9/25/2016

"Thank you Fran and her coworker was awesome."

Comments from 9/19/2016

"Fran was great! She had a very calming voice while giving direction, it made my daughter less tense about the test. I have seen reviews for other testing companies who have loud, aggressive testers. I am so glad I brought her to you business."

Comments from 9/16/2016

"I would get great communication from them via email on next steps requirements, etc. Also, when I called, very friendly. I just wish there was a better discount for Segment 2? I am really going to say they did a great job with my son (mom filling out) and he loved the instructor. Cost is average (again only compliant). Also, still not sure how to set up actual Segement 3? driving test???"

Comments from 9/14/2016

"My son wishes he would have gone here for segment 1. He was very interested in the topics discussed in segment 2."

Comments from 9/13/2016

"We registered in person Jonathan's instructor for the road was excellent with him. I am thankful"

Comments from 8/22/2016

"You all do a fine job of preparing teenagers for driving. Thank you!"

Comments from 8/22/2016

"I highly recommended stroia school of driving if your looking to take your road test. I was a nervous wreck the day of my road test since it was raining that day and i really wanted to pass.(who doesn't) The examiner Fran was very professional and made it clear for what she wanted me to do. She went by exactly how they teach in drivers education and the road test study guide issued by the Secretary of state. So nothing came as a suprise. At the end of the road test she told exactly what i did right and wrong in a very respectable manner. Overall great experience and happy to have my license."

Comments from 8/15/2016

"My son received a very good experience from your staff. They were very knowledgeable and communicated with the students at a level they understand and could relate to. I would recommend you to others."

Comments from 8/15/2016

"The staff including Chuck were kind and trusting wonderful experience for my son and I ."

Comments from 8/15/2016

"Stroia was absolutely wonderful!"

Comments from 8/10/2016

"Nadine went over and beyond the call of duty. She is wonderful."

Comments from 7/27/2016

"I found the driving instructor just short no real greeting, but as far as the driving test she was very professional."

Comments from 6/28/2016

"very friendly instructor that got right to the point and helped ease my son's nerves a bit"

Comments from 6/22/2016

"I am very impressed how much my son has learned in the class. He is very confident in his ability to drive and seems to know the rules very well. I am extremely satisfied with our experience at Stroia!! Thank You"

Comments from 6/21/2016

"Very simple, the 4 cylinder they provided me with made it easier considering that I was practicing in a Hemi V8"

Comments from 6/20/2016

"We refer everyone we know."

Comments from 6/20/2016

"Staff were great at answering questions and providing clear instruction!!!!"

Comments from 6/20/2016

"Instructor was so nice and made me feel very comfortable, and considering how nervous I was that was a amazing feeling to have. She let me know ahead if time every turn I needed to do and where, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!"

Comments from 6/20/2016

"Quick, and easy."

Comments from 6/20/2016

"Instructors were helpful and eager to answer questions. A school worth checking out if you want to get your motorcycle endorsement!"

Comments from 6/9/2016

"The instructor was very polite and knowledgeable about her job. She made my son feel very comfortable while driving and that's a PLUS because to me he's very shy. Hats off to his instructor. JOB WELL DONE. Give her a raise and bonus. Keith B."

Comments from 6/1/2016

"I would recommend your driving school to a friend. I am very pleased with our experience."

Comments from 5/31/2016

"My instructor told me exactly what I did right and wrong and how to fix it she was very professional and kind with my over all experience I will/would recommend this school to all that I know..."

Comments from 5/31/2016

"Stroia made my son feel at ease about driving, as he was apprehensive at first. He is becoming an excellent driver thanks to the training he received! Thank you!"

Comments from 5/25/2016

"I was a little disappointed that I didn't receive a conformation email with the details of my appointment. The instructor was very professional with good communication skills."

Comments from 5/24/2016

"We really appreciate the friendly staff! Want to say thank you to my daughters instructer chuck he was very helpful through the training."

Comments from 5/19/2016

"Gracias por su excelente servicio"

Comments from 5/17/2016

"We had a very bad experience the week before with another company. The Instructor was very rude and condescending and just down right nasty. The Instructor at Stroia was very respectful and considerate!"

Comments from 5/17/2016

"Examiner was professional and did exactly as we expected."

Comments from 5/17/2016

"Apparently the whole class got the same questions wrong on the test. That means the answer on the test was not what they were taught. When you have a kid who strives for 100% its not a good thing. Other than that she had a positive experience and was excited to go every day, especially driving. Thanks!"

Comments from 5/17/2016

"Very knowledgeable Examiner, professional, and fair. She had a calming effect, and made the test a pleasure."

Comments from 5/17/2016

"This was my second time using Stroia with my children and everytime was a great experience. Thank you Stroia."

Comments from 5/4/2016

"My instructor was very nice and respectful, I went stroia for my segment one when I was 17 but I had to much on my plate to further it and get my license but now I have it, thank you a lot!"

Comments from 5/4/2016

"Great experience!"

Comments from 4/27/2016

"The instructor was great. Was very personable and made the student driver feel at ease"

Comments from 4/27/2016

"All three of my children have received their road test certification from Stroia over a 9 year span. Thanks for the great service!"

Comments from 4/19/2016

"I did not get the name of the lady whom answered the phone, I had to change the driving test, three times due to work schedule. STROIA was very accommodating"

Comments from 4/12/2016

"My instructor was a great help she said to me that over all i was a great driver but i liked how she took the time to explain to me what i was doing wrong and how to fix it with the simplest and safest action and i felt that she really wanted me to be the safest driver i could be."

Comments from 4/5/2016

"Examiner could be friendlier."

Comments from 4/5/2016

"I was a little late and the instructor was kind enough to still test me. I appreciated that so much. Thank you."

Comments from 4/4/2016

"I can't remember the examiner's name, but the Examiner No. is 5870. She tested three of my five children and they all passed. She is very patient and thoroughly explains what she expects of you. I'm glad to have met her."

Comments from 4/4/2016

"Wonderful experience! It was perfect for my teen! Thank you!!"

Comments from 4/4/2016

"I actually registered my daughter online for Phase I and over the phone for Phase II. As I do like the ease of the website when using a payment method such as credit card or debit card it is not helpful when trying any other method. The website indicates you can pay by check but it isn't very informative with instructions that you have to go into the office to do this. I had a very helpful woman who was able to place my daughter in the class and said I could send the check with her on the first class. My debit card had been compromised so I did not have any other means to pay except by check. The website should instruct individuals that they need to go in the office when paying by check."

Comments from 3/22/2016

"Fran is outstanding!"

Comments from 3/16/2016

"Very friendly!"

Comments from 3/14/2016

"Our first road was has to be rescheduled due to a snow storm - Fran was friendly and helpful getting us in contact with the office to reschedule it - at our next appointment my son had Craig - both my husband and son said that he was friendly and did his best to put my son at ease. He gave clear instructions during the test and made this experience less stressful"

Comments from 3/14/2016

"Road test instructor was terrific!"

Comments from 3/14/2016

"My daughter was super nervous, but when it was all over with, she said the instructor was very nice which made her relax and be more comfortable."

Comments from 3/14/2016

"Will highly recommend to others. Thank you!"

Comments from 3/9/2016

"She wasn't intimidating or rude at all. I got a fair chance and was so nervous and the instructor was so nice I wasn't even nervous anymore."

Comments from 3/8/2016

"Excellent with everything !! It was great the driving teacher actually made sure we knew what was going on how my child was doing etc"

Comments from 3/8/2016

"Great Job!"

Comments from 3/7/2016

"I have failed my first Road test because i didnt know how to do a good parallel park. In that i have learned and more practice driving till i learned i have learnef how to. Be a good driver. Thank you"

Comments from 2/29/2016

"I have used Stroia with now all 3 of my children. I have & will continue to recommend your services to others. Thank you."

Comments from 2/24/2016

"Instructor was very nice and pretty"

Comments from 2/24/2016

"Examiner was very pleasant."

Comments from 2/24/2016

"My other son starts on Monday."

Comments from 2/23/2016

"My examiner was very patient, kind, & respectful! Prior to my examination parallel parking was very difficult for me, after my examiner explained it, it became so much easier to understand. I now parallel park better than some of the 40 year olds I know! (:"

Comments from 2/23/2016

"My son failed the first test. Instructor was very good at helping him learn where he needed to improve and was very good during the test giving him directions. Would come back again and will recommend Stroia for friends."

Comments from 2/9/2016

"I think the school is great, she did have a great experience in the school, my only concern is I don't think that 14-15 yr olds should have their permits (I know that has nothing to do with the school) just my personal opinion, but yes she did like the school and instructors!"

Comments from 1/26/2016

"I have used Stroia before I like the it."

Comments from 1/20/2016

"Very Good, we Highly recommend!"

Comments from 1/19/2016

"My experience was pleasant. The instructor was very professional and courteous. It made a stressful situation more relaxed so I could focus on the task at hand. I will recommend Stroia to everyone I know. Thank you."

Comments from 1/8/2016

"Painless. Well Done"

Comments from 1/7/2016

"I was very pleased with my experience, in that I have recommended Stroia Driving School to family members and friends with children looking to take drivers training."

Comments from 1/2/2016

"The lady who performed my driving exam was excellent! Very nice. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs it."

Comments from 12/28/2015

"You guys made the experience really simple and convenient. I liked the fact that I could register online without any problems. The examiner was courtesy, and nice. And she offered constructive criticism at the end of the test. I would recommend this business to anyone looking to take their road test."

Comments from 12/28/2015

"Mr Ruffner was awesome. My daughter learned a lot and enjoyed the experience."

Comments from 12/22/2015

"Staff were courteous and plesant"

Comments from 12/22/2015

"The girl was polite and courteous. Took the edge off my nervousness."

Comments from 12/22/2015

"My daughter enjoyed the class and was not at all anxious. Everyone was very friendly"

Comments from 12/22/2015

"My second time around was better than the first. The first instructor was late and didnt even tell me her name."

Comments from 12/8/2015

"Very pleasant and extremely calming examiner. Test site was clean and well set-up. Road test was in an easy to follow fashion."

Comments from 12/7/2015

"Craig was an awesome instructor! Took to lessons & passed my exam!"

Comments from 12/2/2015

"Very professional staff. I recommend Stroia to all my friends."

Comments from 12/1/2015

"Good training, easy to use website and always a quick reply to my emails."

Comments from 12/1/2015

"The driving tester was very rude. Also the website along with the email did not say that we were meeting in a parking lot and I spent a good 20min looking for her. I would not recommend this to people."

Comments from 11/23/2015

"I would truly recommend your company to everybody."

Comments from 11/16/2015

"Was very happy with my first sons experience that I came back for my second sons lessons."

Comments from 11/14/2015

"Instructors were kind, clear and gave constructive feedback. Thank you for teaching my daughter good defensive driving skills. She tends to have anxiety but felt at ease with your staff."

Comments from 11/9/2015

"Made our grandson feel at ease."

Comments from 11/9/2015

"Very good behavior from the instructor."

Comments from 11/3/2015

"My instructor made me relax and have confidence. She was very opened to any question. She came on time and I appreciate that. She took time to understand my poor english without showing any sign of embarassment."

Comments from 11/2/2015

"Examiner didn't arrive on time; i wish i could just pay the amount to the examiner and not online. Also call back your customer when leave a voice message, or either pick up the phone. Otherwise I had a wonderful experience, even though it was rather pricey but had a great experience."

Comments from 11/2/2015

"The Instructors were very nice and helpful. I will recommend this business."

Comments from 10/27/2015

"A wonderful experience. Effortlessly set up a test date, had multiple options for time which was a huge plus, and felt very comfortable with my examiner. Overall the best experience I could have ever hoped for. Thank you so much!"

Comments from 10/27/2015

"Very patient and thourough instructor! Would highly recommend Stroia"

Comments from 10/26/2015

"I was lucky to get Mr. Stroia for my driver instructor. He was extremely nice and helped me understand and me feel comfortable with my driving skills. The first time when I had my drivers test I had unfortunately failed but I had a different instructor the first time. I didn't take classes here so I really can't say anything about that but I am going to recommend people to go here for their driving test. My sister is actually going to go this driving school for drivers education."

Comments from 10/24/2015

"Since I called the office, practice,and test, whosoever, office staff, instructor, and examiner are all very nice. That was a excellent experience to me. Thanks for everyone! Wenjuan"

Comments from 10/21/2015

"Both of my children have taken your course..I would highly recommend Stroia!"

Comments from 10/19/2015

"The instructor made my daughter very comfor table when doing her final exam."

Comments from 10/19/2015

"I thought the three woman that helped me were awesome. I wish more people could be like this"

Comments from 10/19/2015

"I did not get a warm or welcoming feeling when working with your instructors. also, we had a failure of the first exam which was understandable but we were told the retest would be $35 but was actually the full $50 again. Fran was great, but the first instructor was not friendly or helpful."

Comments from 10/13/2015

"My instructor was fair and very professional. I am a very strong personality and excited type of person I expected her to be too but it was very easy experience and glad she didn't make me nervous."

Comments from 10/12/2015

"Good job in making the new drivers comfortable when they do their road test. So easy yo register online."

Comments from 9/29/2015

"Everyone at Stroia is very helpful. They answered all of our questions. I highly recommend Stroia to anyone who is in need of an excellent driving school."

Comments from 9/22/2015

"Great teachers & learning tips!"

Comments from 9/15/2015

"Looking forward to using you again for the next child's test in a year."

Comments from 9/10/2015

"The person who did the test for me was absolutely great and I will send whoever I know that wants this test done to you guys!"

Comments from 9/8/2015

"Seems like people at Stroia go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction!"

Comments from 9/3/2015

"Mrs. Clark was wonderful. Her teaching skills were excellent. She taught the driving skills very well, helps the student relax and become confident."

Comments from 9/2/2015

"The instructor angie was very nice and overall was a great instructor 👍"

Comments from 9/2/2015

"The instructor was great. The explanation of what the parking & road test would entail was not as comprehensive by the test-giver as it should have been. However, it was a positive experience overall. The online scheduling of road tests is nice as is the ability to rent the car for the test. I recommend you move out of Taylor as it is a cesspool of a city. The police giving tickets out on Telegraph and on Northline roads made it very stressful for new drivers."

Comments from 9/2/2015

"Instructor did her job very well. She wasn't as friendly as I hoped she would be but I guess she wasn't there to be friends with me so, over all the experience was good."

Comments from 9/2/2015

"She was just quiet and not much of people person. Or maybe she was just having a bad day! It was all in all a very good day"

Comments from 9/2/2015

"I never interacted with the office staff but my friend stopped in and they answered her questions. They were very nice and informative she said. Thanks."

Comments from 8/25/2015

"I tried many times to call and go to the office. There was never anyone there. I had to register on line. I did not like that at all. However, the teacher at the Northline and telegraph classroom was awesome. So nice and helpful. So we registered. Then my daughter took her class and drove with her. She was so easy to talk to and ask questions. My daughter said she was easy to drive with too. She was calm and reassuring. We enjoyed the Stroia experience and will refer friends. thanks "

Comments from 8/12/2015

"We are very pleased with the driver's education that our daughter received. We plan to bring her younger sister for training here in a couple of years. Keep up the great work!"

Comments from 8/11/2015

"I have used Stroia for 3 of my teenagers. All 3 experiences have been great and I will certainly use Stroia for my last child. My young drivers came out of their driver's education with confidence and eager to work on their skills. Thank you!!"

Comments from 7/28/2015

" My son took segment 1 and 2 with you guys, and now he is getting ready for his road test...I've had other family and friends that took your Motorcycle classes and driver improvement class, you guys do it all..Thanks "

Comments from 7/28/2015

"Everything with Stroia was excellent! My driving instructor couldn't have been any nicer! I passed my driving test and actually got my license earlier this morning. Thank you so much for everything!"

Comments from 7/28/2015

"Would recommend to anyone!"

Comments from 7/28/2015

"My son was very comfortable with the experience because Mrs. Clark was very patient and kind. Thank you!"

Comments from 7/25/2015

"My instructor was very informative from start to finish! She was even kind to leave chairs at site for my family."

Comments from 7/24/2015

"Very nice instructor, and also very professional,i definitely will recommend stroia to everyone"

Comments from 7/21/2015

"Professional and thorough. I felt confident about leaving my son with the driving instructor."

Comments from 7/21/2015

"My instructor was very nice and professional."

Comments from 7/21/2015

""Office staff" question above (#2) should be answered n.a. since I didn't talk with any office staff; having registered on line. Thanks, you offer a great service!"

Comments from 7/21/2015

"As a student, you not only taught me how to drive, but you also told of the danger involved. I feel this was important."

Comments from 7/21/2015

"Very nice staff made the test very to understand gave alot of encouragement to a new driver can't say enough about this company"

Comments from 7/7/2015

"My GrandSon took his road skills test at your Taylor location... He really liked Angie and felt very comfortable with her ..I would recomend Stroia to everyone !! Thank You"

Comments from 7/3/2015

"I stopped at your testing location at Northline and telegraph. Your instructors were polite and very helpful. The test itself was conducted professionally. Instructions were clear and easy to understand. Overall a very good experience on what I expected to be a tense situation. I have recommended Stroia to my neighbor who will be scheduling soon. Mike Meador"

Comments from 7/1/2015

"My child passed his test safely and that is what was important. THANK YOU ALL SO FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!!!"

Comments from 6/30/2015

"Instructors were strat to the point which was great but also helpful to the ones that's needed it"

Comments from 6/30/2015

"Instructor was very courteous. Gave out clear & concise instructions to my Son to follow."

Comments from 6/18/2015

"The driving instructor Mr. Chuck S, the examiner and the staffs are awesome.:))"

Comments from 6/18/2015

"Kudos to the office staff....extremely friendly and always helpful. LouAnn is outstanding. Thank you"

Comments from 6/17/2015

"I was nervous the entire time of course, but she didn't do it. with her in the car, I should not have been as nervous as I was. my instructor was great."

Comments from 6/13/2015

"My instructor was very helpful and the examiner I had was clear on instructions while driving."

Comments from 6/5/2015

"I would refer your driving school to someone else and also use them when it's time for my Son to take his road test!!"

Comments from 6/2/2015

"I didn't really use the website other than for information, went into the office to sign my daughter up. She said she really liked her instructor and I am very happy that he took the time with her to help her so she feels more comfortable behind the wheel."

Comments from 6/2/2015

"Instructor was very friendly, and professional. I recommend this school to my friends just gettin bike's."

Comments from 6/2/2015

"The instructor was never negative .didn't make me feel nervous driving overall good experience.. Thanks ( ;"

Comments from 6/1/2015

"My instructor was very polite and kind person, she tried to correct me every time I did something wrong. The lady in office also very polite and helpful. I had a problem with my appointment, so I called to office and she easy rescheduled my test.This is a great driving school. I recommend it to anyone."

Comments from 5/29/2015

"Easy to use website. I rented your bike which worked great and the instructor was very nice and informative on what we had to do."

Comments from 5/22/2015

"The examiner was very nice and friendly. I don't remember his name, but he have being doing this job for more than 20 years. My son was very confident and no nervous. I will recommend him.Thank you so much."

Comments from 5/16/2015

"My son felt very comfortable during his drivers test. He was a nervous wreck before arriving and she really made him feel at ease."

Comments from 5/12/2015

"The instructor was very professional, she gave us time to familiarize with the bike and was very clear in her instructions. I was very satisfied with the test and the cost. Will recommend to others."

Comments from 5/12/2015

" We were very satisfied. Anthony was very nervous and she put him at ease. I appreciated having a place to wait out of the weather while they were gone. I have just gotten out of hospital after a month and a half with double pneumonia. Thank you for that courtesy. w"

Comments from 5/6/2015

"I loved Ms.Clark. She was an excellent teacher and she was very patient and courteous to all of the students. I highly recommend this school."

Comments from 5/6/2015

"We have referred many."

Comments from 5/5/2015

"Very happy I took drivers training here!!! Thank you guys for helping me to learn how to drive."

Comments from 4/22/2015

"Staff helped me register my twins by phone; she was very helpful. I also asked an email question about the Drive Guru app to which I received an immediate response, answering my question. My girls enjoyed the training as well and are looking forward to the second session. Thank you!!"

Comments from 4/21/2015

"Instructor was very professional and patient. Will definitely use Stroia again! I have three more grandchildren waiting in line!!"

Comments from 4/21/2015

"The instructors were really friendly and helpful"

Comments from 4/21/2015

"Very professional and informative"

Comments from 4/21/2015

"She didn't make my son nervous.Thank you"

Comments from 4/10/2015

"I took my son for the road test in Melvindale. There was no place for me to wait and since he used the car to test in, I had to cross the street and go to the store. The location was convenient just would be nice to have a place to wait while he tested."

Comments from 4/9/2015

"This was s great experience, we will be using Storia for our daughter."

Comments from 4/9/2015

"Thank you for teaching our daughter level 1 driving. She is doing great at learning and understanding driving and it's consequences that come with the responsibility."

Comments from 4/9/2015

"Highly recommend Stroia School of Driving."

Comments from 4/7/2015

"Very calm and patient women, great tester."

Comments from 4/7/2015

"Everyone at Stroia was great. Three of my children have taken their road tests with Stroia and we have been very happy with the service each time. The road test instructor is excellent. I would recommend this place to everyone."

Comments from 3/25/2015

"My daughter's instructor was very clear and thorough with her directions and she was very easy to understand, sometimes you can have a person that is soft spoken and you can't hear what they are saying. My daughter was very nervous but, she said after a few seconds she felt at ease with her instructor. Also, after the test was completed the instructor offered some extra driving tips which I thought was helpful plus it showed that she cared about the new drivers safely."

Comments from 3/24/2015

"Very good company. Many options and locations to choose from. All staff are very professional and helpful. Highly recommend."

Comments from 3/24/2015

"We sent our first child through Right Turn and our last two through your program. I definitely think your program is more structured and appreciate the flexibility and understanding of the entire team."

Comments from 3/24/2015

"My son Luke enjoyed every aspect of his level one class. He has his permit and is exercising the skills that he has learned."

Comments from 3/24/2015

"Everyone was so pleasant. My son really enjoys the experience and learned allot. The instructor even picked my son up for some classes and I really thought that was going above and beyond. I would recommend storia to everyone!"

Comments from 3/24/2015

"The Driver Instructor was very helpful, friendly. When my daughter was done she explained everything that she did wrong."

Comments from 3/6/2015

"Gentlemen who did the road test was wonderful Son."

Comments from 2/16/2015

"My daughter was involved in a major accident during drivers ed. However, the incident was handled appropriately and with care and kindness."

Comments from 2/4/2015

"It was a little confusing when we got there on where to go. In the paperwork you send, you should tell people to go look for the instructors sitting in the cars. Other than that the sign up was easy & the instructor was very nice."

Comments from 2/3/2015

"Our tester was pleasant and patient. I would absolutely recommend Storia."

Comments from 1/12/2015

"2nd time customer, exceptional instruction, and Highly recommend, and will recommend!"

Comments from 1/7/2015

"My daughter had a great experience! It was worth every penny spent!"

Comments from 1/6/2015

"My son really liked both his classroom and driving instructors. He also seemed to get a lot of road time which was really good for him."

Comments from 1/6/2015

"Used website and did not speak to office staff.easy quick and professional."

Comments from 1/5/2015

"My brother Paul recommended your school. I'm glad I listened to him. I was very pleased and will be bringing my son and daughter there when they are of age. Thank You the family of Emily Strih"

Comments from 12/15/2014

"Very accommodating and so nice!!!! Thank you"

Comments from 12/8/2014

"I had a great experience taking my test at this school. It was snowing very rough the day I was supposed to take it, and the instructor was happy to reschedule for another day that would be easier and safer for driving after I told her I had not driven in the snow before. I would recommend this place to anyone."

Comments from 12/4/2014

"Very Friendly, Professional and Courteous! Very pleased with the service!"

Comments from 12/1/2014

"My instructor was very professional but personable at the same time.My experience exceeded my expectations! I recommend Stroia to anyone looking for a driving school. Thank you!"

Comments from 11/24/2014

"I was so nervous the Examiner put me at ease. I'm so thankful that she eased all the the anxiety that I had built up. She was extremely pleasant and made me feel comfortable throughout the test. She was very Professional. I'm so glad that I chose Stroia I've already told my family and friends about your company. THANKS A MILLION"

Comments from 11/20/2014

"Driving instructor was on time and courteous. Everything was simple to do online. I will be referring anyone I know who needs driving test to come here."

Comments from 11/19/2014

"My daughter drove for the first time yesterday and did a great job!!"

Comments from 11/11/2014

"The instructor was nice and showed concerned while conducting test..I appreciate the support from the staff."

Comments from 11/11/2014

"Family and friends recommended and we were not ddisappointed. ....Abby liked her teacher. ..we will be back"

Comments from 11/4/2014

"I will refer anyone I know to you. It was a great experience and my son felt comfortable. Thank you"

Comments from 9/15/2014

"I will recommend to others"

Comments from 9/10/2014

"Would recommend to others."

Comments from 9/9/2014

"Very polite and professional instructor and the lady on the phone was the same."

Comments from 9/4/2014

"The instructor my daughter Madison had was very good. My daughter was very nervous and scared to take this test but the instructor was kind and helped her relax. Afterwards the instructor explained very clearly what she was marked off on and what to watch out for. Very good experience, will recommend to everyone! "

Comments from 8/29/2014

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Stroia for their dedication and patience in training and educating my son on driving safety. He enjoyed class."

Comments from 8/26/2014

"The instructor I had was so nice and understanding. I must admit that I wish I could meet more people like her in my job then I would not be so stressed out all the time. Thank you for helping me to complete the process of the SOS."

Comments from 8/19/2014

"I always felt informed, and was never confused."

Comments from 8/19/2014

"I was worried that the examiner wouldn't speak loud enough of clear enough for me since I do have problems hearing, but she was very loud and direct with her instructions and made the testing process painless!"

Comments from 8/11/2014

"My Emily had a wonderful experience . THANKYOU for that!"

Comments from 8/6/2014

"Examiner went over and above to meet me with certificate after asnafu with my license. Was very understanding about my.... large size.. and renting the small bike."

Comments from 8/6/2014

"Both my kids have gone through your program for their license and have had a great experience. We also enjoyed seeing your company and Mr Stroia on the BBC show "Almost Royal" even though it was the episode in Washington DC!"

Comments from 8/2/2014

"I have put all 3 of my children through your school of driving! Thank you for all of your help"

Comments from 7/29/2014

"Great job Coach!"

Comments from 7/29/2014

"The instructor I had was awesome. Gave great directions at the right times my experience with your company was great."

Comments from 7/27/2014

"Thank you for being there to help me in my struggle to become a safe motorcyclist. The instructor and examiner were both fair and honest."

Comments from 7/22/2014

"Great school! Great prices! Friendly staff! Would recommend to everybody I know"

Comments from 7/11/2014

"Thanks for everything"

Comments from 7/3/2014


Comments from 7/3/2014

"She enjoyed having Mr. Storia."

Comments from 6/17/2014

"The lady scoring the road test was very pleasant and professional."

Comments from 6/17/2014

"This was my first time experiencing this with my 16 year old the instructor was really nice. I will be using you guys again for my 14year old when it's time for him to drive."

Comments from 6/16/2014

"The instructors are very helpful and knowledgable!"

Comments from 5/28/2014

"My daughter completed her road test and was very nervous. The examiner was very clear on the instructions, was calm, made the drive as "casual" as possible and also provided positive feedback when completed. In registering, I would suggest that the receipt/confirmation printout contains the time and location of the test in order to have as a reference or appointment reminder."

Comments from 5/27/2014

"My son had a conflict with his schedule and they worked with him to get all the classes in. He was able to make up the class in Wyandotte, even though he registered in Taylor. He really liked Mr. Norton and said he learned a lot and Mr. Norton had good classroom management."

Comments from 5/20/2014

"The lady I talked to on the phone was was very nice and very informative as well as the Examiner very professional."

Comments from 5/16/2014

"great experiance"

Comments from 5/8/2014

"Instructor was wonderful and provided good feedback for my teenager daughter. She helped lesser some of her anxiety."

Comments from 5/6/2014

"Instructor took her time with me and was very nice."

Comments from 5/4/2014

"I found this to have been an excellent experience for my daughter."

Comments from 4/30/2014

"Our tester was Fran. My son was very nervous to do the road test but she was very nice and personable which helped to put him at ease."

Comments from 4/22/2014

"The test examiner was very soothing & professional. I appreciated her feedback after the test was over & how calm she was during the test. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Comments from 4/21/2014

"Friendly, patient instructor. He explained the points deducted and gave reasons why."

Comments from 4/17/2014

"looking forward to Segment 2"

Comments from 3/25/2014

"I thought the instructor was calm and had helpful info at the end. I have recommended your road tests to my friends and my daughters friends parents."

Comments from 3/19/2014

"I have two more children and I will defiantly use your school. Thanks Stephenie Smigielski"

Comments from 3/13/2014

"Very professional service provided, I would recommend to anyone looking for a driving test."

Comments from 3/10/2014

"Hi, this is Ruby Borbas. Frances was straight forward with what she needed from Tim as a driver. He did not have to guess anything. He was relaxed most of the way and not in a bundle of nerves. His experience was memorable. Thank you all for being there when we needed you. Have a good day."

Comments from 3/10/2014

"This was recommended to me by my co-worker and I have recommended it my daughter's friend."

Comments from 3/5/2014

"Wonderful service. Kind and friendly employees. Great experience. Highly recommend."

Comments from 3/5/2014

"Angella MY Instructor Was Excellent, Professional But Also Very Personable."

Comments from 2/26/2014

"My son enjoyed the class, and the behind-the-wheel instructor in particular. The only issue we had at all was that my son's certificate of completion had the wrong birthdate on it, requiring us to come back to pick it up. I will return for the second session, and will recommend Stroia to friends."

Comments from 2/25/2014

"I have had two children go through Stroia! Great program!"

Comments from 2/18/2014

"I am very happy with your performance as a company. Thank you for keeping my daughter safe along with perviding her with safety first mentality. T. Mosley."

Comments from 2/3/2014

"Office worker was spectacular! She is the reason I gave your school excellent rating. I rated your driving instructor excellent, but had no contact with him! Kudos to your office worker. This was my second child through your school & will be back early next year for my 3rd."

Comments from 1/20/2014


Comments from 1/20/2014

"Ben is my 5th Child to go through driver's training classes with Stroia and that says a lot about the instructors, office staff, examiner! My family experienced an unexpected death the week of the original segment II Ben was scheduled in and the staff was very understanding of the situation and helpful as well as patient. Then came the Arctic Vortex and classes had to be rescheduled by Stroia. Again, the changes were very well handled and communicated! I will continue to refer people to Stroia!"

Comments from 1/15/2014

"Other than having to reschedule 3 weeks later it was a great experience. Thank you so much."

Comments from 11/27/2013

"The office staff was informative and helpful. The registration process was quick and painless. Also I had Angie as my instructor and she was very pleasant and friendly. The overall experience through Stroia was above my expectations. I would definitely recommend this business as a go to place for your road testing needs. Thanks Stroia !"

Comments from 11/27/2013

"Stroia instructor and examiner was very patient and helpful. I would recommend Stroia to others."

Comments from 11/22/2013

"Both my instructor and examiner did a very good job .The instructor helped me to understand how I have to drive correctly and safely,in order to be a good driver. The examiner required me to demonstrate my ability to drive on a route which contained a variety of traffic situations ,including city ,residential and expressway driving.She gave me my directions for each maneuver in advance and talked to me clearly ,so I could understand everything she required from me while my test . I thank you Stroia school of driving for their good help to me. Elena Shay."

Comments from 10/23/2013

"It was a good experience. Thank you for great service."

Comments from 10/22/2013

"Thank you!!"

Comments from 10/21/2013

"Instructor was always helpful with any information and explanation. She not only told you something but justified it why it was wrong or wright."

Comments from 10/8/2013

"We have no complaints! It was a very smooth experience. Thank you!"

Comments from 10/1/2013

"With my son in sports they were very accomadating with the driving times. That helped a lot :)"

Comments from 9/30/2013

"I will be using your services again for my next up and coming driver. Thank you."

Comments from 9/25/2013

"Our experience with Stroia was positive from start to finish. Angela completed the driving test and was very professional and great to work with. My daughter was extremely nervous (as I am sure most 16 year old drivers are) but Angela made her feel at ease. Thank you for a great experience."

Comments from 9/19/2013

"Have all ready told friends how great stroia was!!!"

Comments from 9/10/2013

"I did not have the pleasure of talking to the office staff as I registerd online but the lady that did my skills test was really nice She explained everything thoroughly Overall it was a Experience"

Comments from 9/9/2013

"instructor made my son feel comfortable, thank you"

Comments from 9/9/2013

"Thanks for having the classes available. However, since testing was booked already for the month of August, I had to take my student to another place for testing. But, I am proud to say he did wonderful and passed with flying colors. Thanks again."

Comments from 9/1/2013

"I didn't speak with the office staff but I did email to have my daughter's class changed and my email was answered promptly"

Comments from 9/1/2013

"My daughter was super nervous before taking her road test. But the examiner was so very kind 99% of her nerves went away. (I think any teenager is a little nervous during the test, they really want to pass) I would totally recommend your company to my friends."

Comments from 8/26/2013

"I had 2 teens one did the classes the other had a lesson and driving test I couldn't be any happier with the instructors or staff everybody was friendly I look forward to sending my other 2 teens when its time for them to take classes thank you very much for good serve"

Comments from 8/20/2013

"Loved the convenience of the student driver driving themself back home and parent not having to pick them up at the driving school. Also thought it was a great idea to have some of the drive experiences be before class, to again cut down on the number of times the student had to be dropped off and picked up. Great job!!"

Comments from 7/31/2013

"2 of my grandkids went there and they both liked the instructor."

Comments from 7/30/2013

"very well organized...felt it is a thorough class for the new driver."

Comments from 7/29/2013

"Fran our instructor for the road test was very friendly and my son felt very comfortable and at ease. Thank You. Mrs. O'Callaghan"

Comments from 7/29/2013

"It was nice to see the video to receive pointers and to see how the test would be set up. Had a great experience"

Comments from 7/22/2013

"I was pleased with the thorough feedback my son recieved after his road test."

Comments from 7/17/2013

"Everything was very good. I will recommend this place to people I know that need to take a road test."

Comments from 6/13/2013

"It was a good experience for my daughter, she learned a lot and the road test went great, I would recommended Stroia School of driving to anyone! Thanks again! Mrs. Pallitta"

Comments from 6/10/2013

"My son enjoyed his time there. The only thing I would suggest is to have set driving times scheduled before hand. There were too many time changes to accommodate the other kids that were in sports or other school events. I felt if those kids couldn't commit than they should of waited to take driver training and come back when they were available and could commit like my child."

Comments from 6/9/2013

"they are all GREAT!!!!"

Comments from 6/3/2013