Teenage Driving Classes

At Stroia School of Driving we can assist teenage drivers in all steps of the process of obtaining their Michigan Operator's License/Driver's License.

Teenage Driving Classes

Our services include:

  • Segment 1 Driver Education

    Segment 1 Driver Education is for the new driver under the age of 18 and at least 14 years and 8 months old. It is a required step in the process of the Michigan Graduated Driver Licensing System (GDL) and consist of 24 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, 4 hours of observation time in a training vehicle, and a 40-question test. A Segment 1 Certificate of Completion is required to obtain a Level 1 Driver's License. The cost of the Segment 1 Class is $395.00.

    List of Upcoming Segment 1 Classses:

    Date Location/Time
    2/6/2023 Wyandotte (6-8pm) (Registration Closed)
    2/6/2023 Online (Downriver) (4-6pm) (Registration Closed)
    2/8/2023 Alpena (6-8pm) (Registration Closed)
    3/1/2023 Alpena (6-8pm) Register
    3/6/2023 Wyandotte (6-8pm) Register
    3/6/2023 Online (Downriver) (4-6pm) Register
    4/3/2023 Wyandotte (6-8pm) Register
    4/3/2023 Online (Downriver) (4-6pm) Register
  • Segment 2 Driver Education

    Segment 2 is for the new driver that has already completed Segment 1, and has been a Level 1 Licensed Driver for at least 3 months. It consists of 6 hours of classroom instuction and a written test, and is one of the requirement to obtain a Level 2 License. The cost of the Segment 2 Class is $70.00.

    List of Upcoming Segment 2 Classses:

    Date Location/Time
    2/22/2023 Alpena (4:00-6:00pm) Register
    2/27/2023 Wyandotte (6-8pm) Register
    3/27/2023 Wyandotte (6-8pm) Register
    3/29/2023 Alpena (4-6pm) Register
    4/24/2023 Wyandotte (6:00-8:00pm) Register
  • Extra Driving LessonsThis is an optional service for the student under 18 that took the Segment 1 Class already, but just does not feel comfortable behind the wheel, and would like more training. The cost is $60.00 for each one-on-one 1 hour lesson. Download/View Private Training Contract
  • Automobile Road TestAs part of getting your Michigan Driver's License (Level 3 License) when you're under 18 years of age, you must pass a driving test. The cost of the Road Test is $65.00. Online Road Test Reservation