Motorcycle Classes

A Motorcycle Endorsement allows you to operate a motorcycle in the state of Michigan.

At Stroia School of Driving we offer a complete assortment of services to assist new motorcyclist in obtaining their Motorcycle Endorsement:

Motorcycle Classes
  • Motorcycle Class RegistrationFor the new motorcyclist who wants to prepare for the motorcycle test. You receive 2 hours of class and 1 hours of range time. The cost is $150.00. Online Class Registration
  • Motorcycle Range TimeFor the new motorcyclist who wants one-on-one private lessons from one of our motorcycling coaching specialists. The cost is $50.00 per one hour lesson. Download/View Range Time Contract
  • Motorcycle Skill/Road TestTo get your Motorcycle Endorsement bring your own bike and take our skills test for $60.00. You can also rent our bike for an extra $50.00. Online Road Test Reservation

Additional Resources

  • Click here to download Motorcycle Rider Skill Test Instructions
  • Click here to download the Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual

Motorcycle Practice

"I never rode a bike until I took the Stroia class.
I can't believe I am actually riding now."