Senior Refresher Course

Aging does not mean we need to stop driving. However, it does mean that we have to pay attention to any signs that age is interfering with our driving safety. With this in mind you may want to sign up for our Senior Refresher Course. Not only will it help improve your driving skills and safety but it could also help to lower your car insurance rates.

Adapted from the AAAF's Drivers 65-Plus Self-Rating Form, the following checklist can help you determine whether you're a driving risk - and if so, help you change course. Please answer yes or no to each one of the statements below:

  • Intersections bother me because there is so much to watch from all directions
  • I find it difficult to decide when to merge with traffic on a busy highway
  • I think I am slower than I used to be in reacting to dangerous driving situations
  • My thoughts wander when I drive
  • Traffic situations make me angry
  • When I'm upset, it affects my driving

If you answered yes to three or more statements you may want to consider taking an in-person or online driving refresher course.

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